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halo movie

Halo the movie was to be written by Alex Garland but currently D.B. Weiss is set to re-write it using elements of Garland original draft.

After complications with the distributors, problems with finding a director and onset with financial problems in October 2006 both Microsoft and Peter Jackson agreed to postpone the project.

However, since it has been announced that Neill Blomkamp will be the director and the film is scheduled to be released in 2009.

Halo the Movie Synopsis

After the Battle of Reach Captain Jacob Keyes and his crew escape aboard a Halcyon-class battle-cruiser called the Pillar of Autumn.

However in an uncharted part of the Universe they discover a mysterious ring but before they have a chance to investigate they are attacked by a Covenant ship that has followed them.

After a fight they are forced to abandon ship and Keyes orders Master Chief John: Spartan 117 to be awakened from cryo-sleep. John is the last of genetically enhanced super human soldiers known as Spartans.

But after a noble fight he to is forced to abandon ship, taking Cortana the ships AI and the heart of the Pillar of Autumn with him. And so the Master Chief's quest begins, a quest that will soon reveal many of the rings secrets, some of which would be best left forgotten.

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