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Halo Reach, The finest FPS Game from Bungie?

Is Halo Reach the end of the Halo Saga?

Bungie Studios which offered us one of the most memorable FPS game series with Halo titles for Xbox, is ending their reign over Xbox 360's franchise of Halo series with their final installment of this game series called Halo Reach.

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The game Halo Reach is set in the year 2552 where humanity is in war against the alien collective the Covenant for planet Reach. Being a prequel to the popular award winning title Halo - Combat Evolved game, we already know that human had already lost the battle of Reach to the alien collective Covenant to take refuge at the Pillar of Autumn Ship. So, what will be the story in Halo Reach? The story will mainly focus on small but important victories that will prepare the humanity to fight back the Covenant in Halo 1-3.

In this game you take charge of Noble 6 and a member of elite super-soldiers to combat the alien force. Aiding you in this battle for planet reach are lots of new and improved equipments, power-ups and weapons. The single use of equipments in Halo 3 is substituted by reclaimable and continual armor abilities in Halo Reach, which stay with a player until they are swapped. Though the ability of 'dual wielding' has been removed in Halo - Reach however the player is equipped with other abilities. Among them are a sprint, jetpack, active camo and 'armor-lock', which convert one into an unconquerable player at the expense of his mobility.

With this final installment, the creator of Halo series is planning to push Xbox 360 to it's limits in terms of CPU and GPU usage for game play to make the game play experience as memorable as possible-that has not been experienced before in it's predecessors. It has been hinted that Bungie are planning to increase the visual performance of all game aspects including AI, of which the people complained in its predecessors. But with people experiencing RoR, "e74 error" and many other hardware issues with earlier Halo 3 game, would this installment from Bungie Studios also create hardware issues with the Xbox 360 to mar the experience that this game promises to give it to the players.

Hardware issues or not, the ardent fans of Halo series of games would not hesitate to put their hands on this latest offering from Bungie stable when it hits the store this fall, 2010.

With their effort to end the Halo franchise with Xbox 360 with a bang, would the latest and final offering from Bungie, Halo Reach maintains the reputation of being finest FPS game for Xbox 360 that its predecessors has set? Would Halo Reach take us- the die-hard fans of Halo, to another level of game play experience? This would only be evident when we are able to play a copy of this game when it is released.

Prior to release of any game, people's expectations could be sensed in air. Likewise, a world of Xbox aficionados is curiously waiting to taste a new series of gripping gaming action to be supplied by a studio that has been right on top over other gaming companies.

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