Halo Anniversary Series 1 – Advance Pack

by Colin

Halo Anniversary Advance Pack- Elite Combat

Halo Anniversary Advance Pack- Elite Combat

Halo Anniversary Advance Pack- Elite Combat Halo Anniversary Advance Pack- Platinum Master Chief Halo Anniversary Advance Pack- ODST Halo Anniversary Advance Pack- Recon

Halo Anniversary Figures Series 1 – Advance Pack

McFarlane Toys are spicing up the excitement and anticipation for the Halo Anniversary series figures scheduled to hit the stores in October with an advance Halo series pack.

This all new advance wave will premiere this fall bringing a pre-taste of the full series that will arrive with a bang this October 2011.

You can kick start the celebrations with McFarlane’s Halo Anniversary Series 1, advance pack featuring four action figures from the very first Halo gaming license of Halo 3.

Halo will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in November 2011 and you can be rest assured that McFarlane will be in the forefront of the celebrations with even more exciting line ups of Halo figures for you in the coming months.

While you keep your eyes open for the rest of the line up don’t forget that this being a teaser line the action figures in this pack is produced in very limited quantities.

So if you see one of them on a store shelf act fast!

The pack consists of the following action figures from the series;

Elite Combat

Elites are highly intelligent, a trait amply displayed in the combat field. They are also found to be highly ambulatory in combat with constant action comprising running, ducking, dodging and strafing while firing at the enemies.

Their dexterity combined with the intelligent trait makes the Elite Combatants a lethal and powerful force to be reckoned in the battlefield. The Halo advance pack Elite Combat figures ate set in a scale of 6 inches with multiple articulation points.

They are complete with their weapons and accessories and arrive in clamshell package.

Despite their staunch proponents for the agenda of the Convenent, the Elite Combatants were betrayed by their superiors. Therefore the Elites later allied with the humans and their place in the Covenant was later taken by the Brutes.

Platinum Master Chief

In this unique action figure, the classic hero of the game, John 117 better known among fans as the Master Chief returns in a Platinum Hit commemorative scheme with a silver paint appearance.

He is featured with his damaged armor of Mark VI, two frag grenades and the assault rifle.

Master Chief is known as the uncontested star of the Halo trilogy and his character has evolved significantly over the past years.

Master Chief is the main protagonist through out entire Halo series. He is the only Spartan to leave the system of the Reach and therefore he is now identified as the only surviving Spartan.

He regards the survival of humanity to be his sole responsibility and as such, despite being defeated at the time of the Halo 04 series by the Covenant, Master Chief has continued with his unfailing combat powers and tactics while maintaining his impressionable strength.

In addition to the Covenant, this great leader has battled with other strong forces and many variables to emerge as the winner and helping the humans of the earth who were unable to overcome these powerful enemy forces on their own.

Unlike his contemporaries Master Chief employs unusual techniques in his military setups.

However, he is not the type to glorify his victories or his violent actions as he has been trained and motivated with military efficiency and he also has no apparent dislike or hatred towards his enemy, but he does not hesitate to kill them as he considers it to be his ultimate duty.

All in all he is not the conventional hero we see everyday but with his with speedy, strong and brilliant tactics, Master Chief truly defines the epitome of leadership.


ODST which stands for the Orbital Drop Shock Trooper is an ever popular feature of the Halo series. The ODST was first introduced in the Halo 3 Series 2 and in this advance pack series the figure arrives in an updated paint scheme including white stripes shown on the shoulder armor along with their trade mark battle rife.

The ODST does not have the advance power of reflexes or armor as the Master Chief and therefore they cannot move as fast, jump as high or wield multiple weapons at once.

In contrast to Master Chief’s energy shield with the power for damage absorption, the ODST recharges their lost stamina through a mechanic system. The medical packs which are left within the game environment can be used for restoring the health of the ODST.

Spartan Recon – Team red

This is the most popular and much sought after armor of the game and was featured in the first Halo 3 series.

The armor returns, this time to the assured delight of fans with a classic team red scheme.

The armor is complete with the Plasma rifle and deactivated energy sword. These features were seen before only with the SDCC exclusive pack of the Grifball figure.

Within the game the only way a player can earn this armor is by producing a terrific level on the forge. The Spartan Recon armor is available for those who complete all the Vidmaster challenges successfully.

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