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Halo 3 Anniversary Series 1 - Boxed 3 Packs

McFarlane Toys is commemorating the universally popular Halo 3 video game in a grand scale. The countdown has for the Halo Universe Collection where individually carded figures will be available in Boxed 3 Packs. With this unique collection Halo fans are also in for a exciting treat with a difficulty plaque containing McFarlane's 'Build a figure' themed item. For those impatient Halo series collectors we give a sneak peak of this exciting release.

halo 3, halo figures, halo 3 figures
halo 3, halo figures, halo 3 figures
halo 3, halo figures, halo 3 figures

Halo 3 Fearless Leaders

To mark the bravery of a trio of bold heroes featured in the blockbuster Halo video game series, McFarlane have released the Fearless Leaders boxed set.

The three heroes in this boxed set are Edward Buck, Gunnery Sergeant from the Halo 3 ODST where he was the leader of the Helljumper squad carrying his assault rifle along with a removable ODST helmet, Sergeant John Forge from the UNSC Marine featuring a forest camouflage armor along with his shotgun and Carter, leader of the Spartan 111 noble team featuring his marksman rifle and frag grenade.

A veteran of war, Edward Buck serving as Gunnery Sergeant has triumphed over many battles in the human vs. covenant war. Having witnessed and endured the death of many of his comrades during battle, Buck has emerged as a short fused and thick skinned soldier though his softer nature has also been witnessed at times of necessity. An extensively skilled marine, Buck served as the squad commander for a long time. He was born in 2510 on Draco 111 in New Albany, Lombard.

Sergeant John Forge is a non commissioned officer, a UNSC Marine Corps infantryman and also a veteran of the war. Despite being a superior qualified officer in combat excelling in tactics, John Forge was known to give in to impulses of insubordination which gave him three demotions during his tenure.

Commander Carter from A259 hails as a Spartan 111 commando attached to the Naval Special Warfare Command of the UNSC. Carter is also the leader of the Spartan's Noble Team which is a Spartan Elite team who was engaged in battle during the time of Fall of Reach. Noble One was Carter's call sign in his team.

Halo 3 Figure stats

  • Scale of 6 inches
  • Boxed packaging
  • Original Paint
  • Action figure format

halo 3, halo figures, halo 3 figures
halo 3, halo figures, halo 3 figures
halo 3, halo figures, halo 3 figures

Halo 3 Master Chief Evolution

Master Chief is known as the uncontested star of the Halo trilogy and he has evolved impressively over the past years.

In this Master Chief Evolution the Master Chief action figure is available in three of his best known versions.

The first action figure is Master Chief from the very first Halo Combat Evolved featuring his assault rifle, Mark V armor and a frag grenade, the second is Master Chief from the Halo 2 series featuring duel wielded SMGs, Mark VI armor and of course the Frag grenade and the figure is of Master Chief in all his glory fight in Halo 3 with his Sniper rifle, frag grenade and the Mark VI armor.

John 117 better known to fans as Master Chief is the main protagonist of the entire Halo series, being the only Spartan to have left the Reach system.

As a result the survival of humanity became his responsibility, as despite being defeated during Halo 04 series the Covenant continued to show signs of attack and maintained impressionable strength.

There were also many other strong enemies and variables that had to be defeated as the humans on earth were not competent in overcoming these unknown forces on their own.

Master Chief has displayed unusual attitudes for military setups and he is not one to glorify any of his violent actions. Having being trained as a military efficiency mechanism, Master Chief does not hate the enemy but kills purely because he considers it to be his duty.

An unconventional hero with fast, strong and brilliant tactics, Master Chief is truly the epitome of leadership.

Halo 3 Figure stats

  • Scale of 6 inches
  • Boxed packaging
  • Original Paint
  • Action figure format

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