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Halo 2 Game Tips To Give You An Edge

Here are few tips on individual fighting skills that should give you an edge in the Halo 2 game for ardent fans of the Halo series of FPS games developed by Bungie Studios. Though, depending upon your skill level, you may find that you already know some of the tips described in this article or all of them but then, the tips below would surely brush up your fundamentals to make you a better player of the game.

Here are few tips on individual fighting skills that should give you an edge in the Halo 2 game for ardent fans of the Halo series of FPS games developed by Bungie Studios. Though, depending upon your skill level, you may find that you already know some of the tips described in this article or all of them but then, the tips below would surely brush up your fundamentals to make you a better player of the game.

Released on Nov 9, 2004 two different editions of Halo 2 were launched.

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The standard game with traditional Xbox packaging and a single disc with the single and multi-player components and a Collector's Edition which came with a specially designed aluminum case with a bonus DVD, extra booklet and a different user manual.

The manual in the collector's edition looked at the game from the perspective of the Covenant military whereas the standard version was from the perspective of the human military.

On it's first day of release Halo 2 grossed $124 million making it the biggest entertainment event of all time at that time and has since than gone on to sell over 8 million copies since.

With new characters, game mechanics, weapons, vehicles, improved artificial intelligence and a more advanced graphic engine that utilizes normal mapping and bloom effects.

For the first time the game also supported online multiplayer games via Xbox Live. Along with its online playability it also has integration with ranking and tracking for every online game. A PC port developed by an internal team composing of Microsoft Games and Bungie Studios has also been developed.

Halo 1 PC and Halo 2 Vista includes multiplayer maps not available on the Xbox version and has features for custom created content with the Halo Editing Kit.

Here are some Halo 2 game tips:

Use weapon combos for Quick Kill

For a quick kill you better use weapon combos, be it SMG-Pistol combo or SMG-Plasma Rifle Combo. Using weapon combos in close range combat you are able to inflict more damage to the enemy than by the use of single weapon.

However, for a long range hit the battle rifle or the sniper rifle is the best choice of weapon, while for multiple opponents the choice would be a plasma rifle and a pistol for a single opponent.

It is not recommended to use a pistol for multiple opponents, as a pistol tends to run out of ammunition quickly leaving you vulnerable in front of the enemy. One of the most effective weapon combos against multiple opponents is the SMG-Plasma Pistol combo, if you can lay your hands on one of the Plasma Pistols. But it has one drawback, you are vulnerable if a charged shot misses as re-charging will take some time.

Weapon combo for close to medium to long range

When it comes to kill in a close range or medium range or long range, the ultimate combo would be Battle Rifle and Plasma Pistol combo. You could use the plasma pistol to kill the enemy in a close and medium range and use the battle rifle for kill in a long range. However, for a good opponent, use this weapon combination at your own peril because this weapon combination becomes quite frustrating.

Use Grenades for several kill:

The easiest way to kill your opponents in Halo 2 game would be, by using grenades. However, it takes lots of practice to hurl the grenade at the right target and this is where the veteran and novices are separated. Never throw the grenade at where your opponent is right now. Anticipate where they would move and hurl the grenade there and you are sure of a kill. Never throw a grenade on the opponent running towards you without you first backing up, because in case you have not sheltered yourself behind wall, chances are there that you too will suffer damage. When surrounded, try to lob off two grenades. You may end up with several kills. When someone is hit with the frag grenade, complete the kill with one shot in the head of the opponent from your battle rifle.

Melee your opponent whenever you can.

If there is a chance to walk up to your opponent while shooting at them, try to melee them. But, it is always advisable to back up instead of going in for melee when you didn't got chance to shoot at your enemies first and do remember while going in for melee always try to lunge slightly, it may be to your advantage.

Use radar to your advantage

Flanking your opponent as much as you can during the game would always be to your advantage. For example, while you are sniping from a top and you see on radar someone coming up, try to take them out before they take you out. Never try to enter rooms with more enemies you will be at disadvantageous position and vulnerable to the enemies. Instead, let the enemy come for you or try to weaken the enemies at room first with grenades, this would make it easier for you to take the enemies out.

And lastly, while you are at Halo 2 game, no matter what weapons you are using try to aim for head. It will you kill your enemy a lot faster. Also, try to familiarize with the maps and different combination of weapons that work in different situations. If you follow all the above tips you surely would have edge over the Halo2 game from others. Happy gaming!

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