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HALO 1 Figures From Joyride Studios

In 2003, Joyride Studios linked up with Bungie Studios to create Halo 1 figures from and these were possibly their most popular range of figures ever.

They had been in business for over fifty-five years and produced a wide array of collectors items, ranging from James Bond cars to Mech Warrior and Battlestar Galactica feature action figures.

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The original three Halo 1 figures released were the Master Chief v1, Cortana, and Warthog v1 which became an instant successes with both fans and collectors.

This success resulted in five series of figures being produced with a total of 29 different Halo 1 Figures. As well as the 5 series of basic figures there were seven more "exclusive" figures released at selected stores.

The demand for these Halo 1 figures was huge and as a result they became increasingly difficult to get hold of and the secondary market value of some began to soar, sometimes into thousands of dollars.

What is Halo?

Halo is a large ring shaped space habitat created by a long lost species. The Covenant: an almost invincible alien species hell-bent on the destruction of mankind.

Following a mass retreat from a Covenant attack, the human ship "Pillar of Autumn" finds itself crash-landed on a mysterious ring called Halo. Following the crash of the ship, the marines on board and scattered across the alien habitat, surrounded by the menacing Covenant and are slowly being hunted down and destroyed.

Unbeknownst to the Covenant, one of the survivors of the ship isn't just a normal marine. He is the Master Chief, the sole survivor from a super soldier project. With advanced senses, inhuman strength, reflexes and futuristic battle armor, he is more than a match against most Covenant forces.

Finding himself almost completely on his own, Master Chief seeks to fulfill his mission: learn the Covenants weakness and destroy them. Along the way he will learn secrets not meant for human minds as he makes his way to the core of Halo and discovers its true purposes...

halo 1, halo 1 figures, halo 1 toys

Halo 1 Figures (Combat Evolved) from Joyride Studios Checklist

Halo 1 Figures Series 1

Released: August 2003

Master Chief v.1 (1st Release) Item # 75488A: The Master Chief Version 1 figure was based on the Master Chief in Halo: Combat Evolved and featured 14 points of articulation and came armed with a M6D Pistol, MA5B Assault Rifle, and S2 AM Sniper Rifle. It also included a Joyride Studios registration card.

Cortana Item # 75489A: This figure was based on the artificial intelligence that "lived" on Halo, Cortana. This "figure" unlike most of the others didn't have any points of articulation or accessories but instead featured a light up base that caused the entire figure to appear to light up. This figure is one of the rarest of the Halo figures and is extremely valuable.

Warthog v.1 (1st Release): The Warthog Version 1 figure was based on the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle and featured 5 points of articulation, a swiveling turret and rotating tires. It also included a "mini" Master Chief figure and a "mini" Marine, both of which can be placed in the driver, passenger, or turret, there were also two "mini" Assault Rifles for them. The first release, as with the Master Chief figures, included a Joyride Studios registration card.

Halo 1 Figures Series 2

October 2003

Master Chief v.2 (Green) Item # 75488B: The second Master Chief figure from Joyride Studios was very similar to the V1 figure with 14 points of articulation but this one came with a M6D Pistol, an M90 Shotgun, and a Rocket Launcher, but no grenades.

Red Master Chief Item # 75488C

Ghost Item # 75487A (with Elite, Jackal & Master Chief): like the Warthog action figure from Series 1,the Ghost action figure included three "mini" figures, a Master Chief, an Elite, and a Jackal, that could be placed on the Ghost (except for the Jackal figure). There was also an Assault Rifle, a Plasma Rifle, a Plasma Pistol, and a Personal Shield.

Covenant Elite Blue Item # 75491A: Based on the Minor Elites in Halo: Combat Evolved this figure had 7 points of articulation and was armed with a Needler and a Plasma Rifle.

Halo 1 Figures Series 3 January 2004

Blue Master Chief Item # 75488D: This was the second multiplayer figure Joyride Studios made and like the previous figures iIt featured 14 points of articulation and was armed with a M6D Pistol, MA5B Assault Rifle, and Fuel Rod Gun, however although the box said it was a Blue Master Chief it was in fact a Blue SPARTAN in Mark V armor.

Covenant Banshee Item # 75486A: The Banshee figure was based on the Covenant aircraft from Halo: Combat Evolved and featured a wingspan of 9.5 inches, an opening cockpit and adjustable stabilizer fins. There was also "mini" Elite figure that could be placed in the Banshee, as well as a Grunt with a Plasma Pistol.

Marine Figures: Joyride Studios released two versions of the UNSC Marine figure in series 3, both figures were armed with a M6D Pistol, M90 Shotgun, S2AM Sniper Rifle.

USNC Marine 1 Item # 75490A: The first Marine had two different variants, one with blond hair and one with red hair and had a Marine helmet.

USNC Marine 2 ("Sgt. Stacker"): The second Marine included a Sergeant's hat that was identical to the Sergeant Stacker hat.

Sgt. Johnson Item # 75547A: This was the first Marine action figure made by Joyride Studios. It had 10 points of articulation and was armed with a M6D Pistol, MA5B Assault Rifle, and S2AM Sniper Rifle.

Halo 1 Figures Series 4

June 2004

White Master Chief Item # 75488E: This figure, as with the previous Master Chief figure, was labeled as a "White Master Chief", when it is actually a multiplayer white SPARTAN-II in Mark V armor that came with a Flamethrower and a MA5B Individual Combat Weapon System.

Orange Grunt Item # 75739A: This was the first Grunt figure from Joyride Studios and was based on the Grunt Minors. Each figure came armed with a Needler and a Plasma Pistol.

Warthog v.2 Item # 75485B: This version of the Warthog was based on a M12A1 Light Anti-Armor Vehicle, or a Rocket Warthog, from the game. This version featured three "mini" red Spartan figures that could be placed on the driver, passenger, and gunner positions, asa well as a mini Assault Rifle. This figure also differed slightly from the game as it appeared to be a grayish color rather than being black, as in the game.

Red Elite Item # 75491B: The Red Elite figure was the second Elite figure to be produced by and were based on the Major Elites from Halo Combat Evolved. The figure had seven points of articulation and was armed with a Needler and a Plasma Pistol.

Halo 1 Figures Series 5

August 2004

Black Master Chief Item # 75488F: This featured a multiplayer Spartan in black Mark V armor armed with a Shotgun, a Rocket Launcher, and a Plasma Pistol.

Flood Carrier Form Item # 75745A: Flood Carrier Form: This was in fact two figures: a Carrier Form and an Infection Form and was the first Flood form made.

Red Grunt Item # 75739B: This Grunt figure was a Major Grunts from the game and was armed with a Needler and a Plasma Pistol.

Gold Elite Item # 75491C: The Gold Elite is considered to be one of the Holy Grails of the Halo figures as it is one of the rarest Halo figures to be produced. The figure was modeled on the Zealots from the game and was armed with an Energy Sword and featured a different head mold from the past Elite figures.

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