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Action Figure Guides and Tutorials

After more than 15 years as both a collector and trader I have gained many tips on all aspects of collecting action figures.

Collecting figures can be a very enjoyable hobby but it can also be very expensive so it is important that you take care of your acquisitions and store and look after them correctly to prevent any damage or loss in value.

Before the internet most collectors had to rely on local comic-marts, swap meets or classified ads to find the rarer or secondhand figures they needed. 

This resulted of this was that there was often a huge difference in a figures value from one state to another depending on it's availabilty or popularity locally.

It also made it very difficult to record and value the sale of figures on a national scale, let alone internationally!

However, the internet has changed this and it has become much easier to purchase any figure you need no matter how old it is.

This in turn has led to the market stabilizing as prices and values have settled and become more attainable.

Here you will find guides, tutorials and articles covering all aspects of the hobby from beginning your collection to buying, selling, storing and cleaning them.

What is an Action Figure?

Have you ever wondered where and when the term "Action Figure" was coined and by whom?

Did you know that the GI Joe was only conceived because of the success Hasbro had with Barbie? 

Barbie was

How to Start Your Collection

If your new to collecting action figures deciding which to collect can be a very daunting task with the vast array of characters, themes, subjects and categories covered.

This short tutorial explains in easy steps how to decide which to collect, how many and where to find them.

The first thing you need to do is...

What Makes an Action Figures Collectible?

I am often asked what are, or will be the most collectible or valuable action figures. Unfortunately though, I don't have a crystal ball but after 15 years in the business I generally have a pretty good idea.

There are many factors that you should take into consideration when trying to assess, or decide such as...

How to Beat the Scalpers?

Scalper is a term generally used to refer to re-sellers or traders who buy  figures, usually rarer ones, purely to sell for a profit and they will often empty stores such as Walmart and Target etc of the figures they get delivered. But there are several ways to ensure you can always get the figure you want and beat the scalpers. Firstly...

How to Save Money Buying Action Figures?

Collecting action figures these days can be a very expensive hobby, especially if you're into the 1:6 scale figures, particularly from the likes of Hot Toys, Sideshow Collectibles and the Three Horsemen etc. Also it has become a much more popular and common hobby in recent years with a lot less stigma attached to it. However, this article shows you several ways to save a small fortune, with a little careful research and looking around, when buying your figures

Where are the Best Places to Buy Your Action Figures?

Choosing where to buy your figures from can be fraught with dangers as there are many fakes, bootlegs, copies and reproductions floating around the market. Here I will explain the advantages of the different alternatives and sources for buying your figures, some of which you've probably never come across, e.g. Government Auctions and

How To Value Your Figures?

Until the advent of the internet getting your figures graded or valued would have bee a nightmare but, thankfully that is not the case now, although find the correct information can still be difficult.

On of the most frustrating problems with collecting action figures is trying to get hold of checklists and accurate price guides. 

This guide will show you how to use the C-Scale to appraise your figures condition in order to value them. A great tool I use for valuing figures, especially older and rarer figures, is...

Do My Figures Need Grading?

If you've been collecting for any length of time you probably have quite a few lying around and I'm sure you've often thought about getting them appraised or valued.

Most of your figures, particularly the loose ones, would be a waste of time grading but for your premier and older figures it's certainly worthwhile getting them out graded. There are several ways of grading your figures or...

What is the C-Scale?

The C-Scale is one of the most common and widely used tools for grading action figures because <read more...> 

What figures need to be professionally graded?

Collectors have been looking for a more reliable system for grading and valuing their collections for some time now <read more>

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