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spawn series 31 other worlds

Will the Goddess Llyra Be Spared From The Marauders Blade?

The Goddess Llyra, Protector of Endra-la finally faces the Marauder, also called Godslayer in this new epic tale of fantasy, lost love, ancient curses and fallen kingdoms.

Based on the character in the one-off comic book Spawn: Godslayer, the Goddess Llyra is the last, best hope for the small island kingdom of Endra-La against the coming of Spawn the Marauder, the Godslayer. Set on a world far from ours in an age long past a mysterious, unearthly marauder has slaughter the Old Gods one by one. Now he looks towards the Shrouded Isles and Endra-La the oldest and most legendary of these islands.

goddess llyra 1 Beautifully sculpted and with fine details the Goddess Llyra is all a Goddess should be. Dressed in a sexy strapless metallic costume and a flowing cloth base that is painted a pastel grey and a touch of blue that brings out the details magnificently.

The overall effect of this flowing robe is very creative and unique and giving her a sense of movement and power.

goddess llyra 3 Her flaming sword is also very well painted and sculpted adding to her overall look of a powerful yet beautiful Goddess ready and quite capable of protecting her charges. In this pose she also looks calm, serene and graceful almost like a beautiful ballet dancer.

My only fault with this figure is the mediocre work on her hair which isn't quite so well sculpted or painted. It dosen't quite 'fit' as if someone has but a wig on her in a hurry and it hasn't been put on quite right. Considering the artwork and standard of the rest of the figure this is a little bit disappointing.

goddess llyra 2 Standing approx 8.5 inches in height from the top of her raised torch to her base her four arms have been meticulously sculpted and look quite natural. Each arm is fully articulated with well hidden joints, she also has articulation on the waist but if used you will find that the lines on the joints won't quite line up.

goddess llyra 4

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