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GI Joe Figures Become A Movie Icon

When the GI Joe franchise was built by a team of talented and dedicated experts at Hasbro Company, kids were treated to a variety of action packed comic books and cool GI Joe figures they could boast of.

The 80's was truly taken over by the GI Joe craze as a good number of kids and comic lovers swept the stores clean for the GI Joe products. Hasbro then decided to take their success higher by the release of the GI movies in sequel for their fans.

The movies in chronology were as follows; GI Joe: The Movie (1987), GI Joe: Spy Troops (2003), GI Joe: Valor vs. Venom (2004) and Rise of the Cobra in 2009.

But just what did each of these movies have for the fans?

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The release of GI Joe: The movie in 1987 was perfectly timed since it premiered when the GI Joe wave was still sweeping the entertainment industry. It was an animation that was directly adapted from the toyline. Hasbro, together with Sunbrow and Marvel had set the theatrical release to be followed closely by the Transformers movie.

This however was not the case as the movie experienced production delays, meaning Transformers had to come out first. But the Transformers movie lacked luster thus Hasbro decided to produce the GI Joe movie directly on video and later as a five part TV Series syndicate.

The movie had an interesting plot. It unfolded in the Cobra territory where the Cobra commander and the new genetically created leader Serpent blame each other's leadership as the cause of the Cobra downfall.

In the heat of the moment a female stranger creeps into their territory. Cobra commander orders pursuit of the intruder but uses the chance to defect from Serpentors command. The female intruder, who introduces herself as Pythona of the Cobra-La territory, manages to reach Serpentor and the two hit off immediately.

At the moment GI Joe has a new weapon, a Broadcast Energy transmitter, which Serpentor decides to steal under Pythona's persuasion. The attack opens on the Himalayas where the Joes use their new weapon to activate their automated weapon systems. Cobra gets a rude shock as it is defeated by the Joes and their leader Serpentor gets captured.

Cobra commander retreats with his troop to the Cobra-La territory with the Joes in pursuit. They are unfortunately arrested by Golobulus, leader of the Cobra-La. It is here that the origin of Cobra and Cobra-La is revealed.

Golobulus manages to free Serpentor from the Joes and even makes away with their new weapon. He then orders the Cobra captives to assist Serpentor in destroying humanity through mass mutation into animal creatures to be controlled by the Cobra-La.

The BET weapon is to assist in the process. The Cobra troop however liaises with the Joes and together with new recruits in the Joe camp take down Cobra-La. The Joes celebrate their victory with one of their wounded soldiers, Duke, waking up from a coma due to injuries in the battle.

The sequel to this was GI Joe: Spy Troops which was also released directly to video. Reel FX Company produced this one together with the GI Joe: Valor vs. Venom movie that followed.

Both the Joes and the Cobra association use spies to gain access of each other's territory. Cobra uses their spy Zartan to steal a remote control device the Joes possess; the Joes also use their own spy to invade the Cobra camp. The result was an action filled war that saw the Joes saving the day as usual.

Valor vs. Venom, the third movie, was later released in 2004. A new villain group known as the V-troops was introduced. They were a production of doctor Mindbender's new technology known as Venomization which turns humans into savage beasts.

The story gets more interesting when Cobra captures Hawk of the GI Joe and attempts to venomize him. The Joes are once more in possession of a tool that can aid the Cobra into venomizing the entire humanity; a magnetic device that can transport objects to any part of the globe. The plot climaxes when Cobra fights to gain the new weapon and the Joes struggling to flee their captured friend and defeat the wicked plot of Cobra.

The Hasbro Company reached the peack of its success with the release of GI Joe: Rise of Cobra in 2009. The weapon technology in this one was way cooler than the weapons in the previous movies.

The backdrop of the movie is in the near future where nanotechnology is used to produce nanomite warheads. The effect of the weapon is seen in the movie when the nanomites eat up the entire Eiffel tower!

Though leaks of the movie were made that led to a rewrite of the script, the movie was able to sweep a clean $302 million at the end of its showcasing. The movie also topped the box office alongside other popular movies that were released then.

The vice chair man of Hasbro Productions was amazed by the success and even promised the making of GI Joe 2 due to be released in 2011-2012.

But Stephen Summers, the successful director of Rise of Cobra, has been rumored to be off the production bench. This is a big blow to the movie and questions are being raised as to whether it will make it on the box office.

However, Hasbro plan to rate this movie a PG13 to claim a wider audience among kids and fans are wondering if 3D effects are going to be employed too but whether these tactics will be enough to make the movie successful 2012 is yet to be seen.

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