gears of war locust figures, gears of war figures, gears of war action figures

Gears of War Locusts Figure: Take Command of the Locust Horde

Do you want more Gears of War Locust Figure?

Ready to build your own Locust Army and re-enact all the epic battles?

Then checkout these Gears of War Locust Figure deluxe sets from NECA!

After blowing minds with our awesome Gears of War action figures, NECA unleash even more Gears of War action with the Gears of War Locust Figures Boxed Set and the RAAM vs. Kim Two-Pack!

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gears of war locust figures, gears of war figures, gears of war action figures

Locust Figure Hive Boxed Set

The Gears of War Locust Figures boxed set is an awsome display of the Locust Horde's firepower.

Each figure has new improved articulation and features interchangeable heads, with all new sculpting exclusive to this set, and helmets allowing you to fully customize them, but that's not all!

This set includes the Locust Bolter and the Sniper Helmet from Gears of War 2 and a full arsenal of weapons that can peg to the figures' backs including: Longshot Sniper Rifle, Hammerbust Assault Rifle, Hammerburst 2.0 Assault Rifle, Lancer Assault Rifle, Gnasher Shotgun and Boltok Pistols.

The savage Drones power the Locust Horde. A single Drone, armed with its Hammerburst assault rifle, is more than a matach for a fuller sqaud of COG soldiers

The highly-specialized Locust Figure Snipers are equipped with accuracy-enhancing goggles and a long range sniper rifle, toy with their prey from afar. Then close for a brutal kill.

Locusts work together to ambush their enemy, emerging unexpectedly from the underground with devestating results.

The figures come with seven accessories, 2 Boltok Pistols, 2 Grenades, a Longshot Rifle, a Hammerburst 2.0 a removable mask, a removable helmet and a Golden Hammerburst 2.0 . With the exception of Mask and Helmet these are inter-changeable wtih any other figure.

gears of war locust figures, gears of war figures, gears of war action figures

RAAM vs. Kim Two-Pack

The time has come for humanity to strike back and hit the Locust Horde in its heart!

With a cunning and desperate plan to detonate a Lightmass bomb in the subterranean Horde stronghold

But on dicovery that one of the deployed resonators has gone, Lieutenant Minh Young Kim and his Delta Squad are sent on a recovery mission but are ambushed near the House of Soveriegns.

After being seperated from his Delta Squad Kim comes face-to-face with RAAM, the monstrous and brutal field commander of the Locust.

After an epic struggle Lieutenant Kim meets an untimely end when he is impaled upon RAAM's blade.

Now you can re-enact this epic struggle between Humanity and the Beast from the original smash hit game with these two brand new Gears of War figures.

Each Figure stands 7" tall and is fully poseable and come with game-accurate accessories including a Troika, Lancer and Knife.

Included with each figure comes two weapon accessories. Lt. Minh Young Kim comes with a Lancer Assault Rifle and Gnasher Shotgun. General RAAM comes with a hand-carried Troika turret and his signature, serrated sword. All can be used by the figures and are inter-changable with other figures.

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