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Friday The 13th, Issue #001 -- teaser here
October 01, 2007

 FRIDAY 13th News

Hi, Welcome to Friday 13th. My names Colin and this is my wife Thicha. This e-zine is to help you keep up to date with all the latest news and gossip for McFarlane toys.

As well as news and reviews I will also be including information on looking after and protecting your figures, customizing them, special offers, competitions and much more.

If you have any comments, tips or reviews you would like included send them to me and I will happily include them along with your details and a link of your choice.

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12-Inch Dorothy

3-Inch Spawn Series 2

B. Urlacher (collector)

NBA Legends 3

NHL Legends 5

P. Manning (collector)


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What Is An Action Figure?

The modern day Action Figure is very different to the traditional figure of my boyhood memories.

Back then we had two basic types, the GI Joe and Action Man.

However if you look around today day there are thousands of different “action figures” available. There are movie figures, wrestling figures, anime, cartoons, TV, pop stars and even Playboy have a line of “Adult Collectible” Centerfold action figures ( please note that these are NOT dolls ;-) ).

It seems over the last 20-30 years the "hobby" has grown up along with us, the first generation of children who played with the original “action figures”.

The Early Days

Do you remember as a child spending many happy` hours locked away in your room with your GI Joe or Action Man?

Suddenly your bedroom was transformed into another world, a world of vast mountainous terrain, deserts, rivers and seas.

Your bed was suddenly a huge, insurmountable range of mountains ideal for your snipers to lie in wait for an advancing platoon of Germans.

Drawers and cupboards became fortresses, lookout towers, or high mountains.

Mats and carpets became seas, lakes, rivers or deserts.

A land of danger, intrigue and mystery.

Maybe you were lost behind enemy lines, desperately trying to find your way home.

Or you were on a secret mission to steal the plans of a new secret your enemy has designed.

Or you had to rescue captured pilots who had to ditch from their fallen plane behind enemy lines.

Whatever the situation it was you against them.

Of course by you I mean your GI JOE.

And you’d stay would quite happily, lost in your own world.

That is until suddenly that shrill cry would ring in your ears.

Summoning you back to reality.

And begrudgingly you’d leave your world it to trudge down the stairs, torn away from your heroics for….


The First GI Joe

 The very first action figure, GI Joe, was introduced in 1964 by Hasbro.

The phrase "action figure" was a clever piece of marketing coined in order to make this new "doll" for boys marketable.

After all, would you play with a doll?

No way. Dolls are for girls.

But a kick ass action figure?


The GI Joe became an instant hit and was hugely successful in the US and Hasbro soon realized that there was a huge International market waiting to be exploited for this new doll and so it was licensed to other companies thus opening up new markets and ensuring its global popularity and place in the history books.

These early GI Joes were pretty basic but they were poseable. The arms and legs were held together with elastic inside and you could move the arms, legs and head, you could change their uniforms and clothes quite easily.  

The local toy shop had shelves of accessories for your GI Joe, everything from food rations to an armoured tank and all kinds of uniforms and armoury. You’d hoard your money for months to buy the newest and latest accessory for your figure.

I saved for months for my first tank.

Do you remember when the introduction of "real hair"?

And then there were the "eagle eyes" that moved!

But best of all was when they introduced the talking Action Man.

Wow, now that was cool.

Hasbro made many attempts to introduce non-military figures but these never really caught on.

There were soccer, cricket and rugby figures as well as World Cup figures released in England.

The GI Joe and Action Man remained the standard "boy’s doll" or action figure for many years and remained popular with boys through to the mid seventies, and are still popular now, although (unfortunately) they’ve undergone some political correctness.

Some of these earlier figures have become much sought after by collectors, particularly the non-military figures that, due to their lack of popularity were only produced in small quantities, can be worth a lot of money particularly if in mint condition.

Over the decades sadly their image has been toned down to conform to modern standards and regulations and as a result their military background has now become part of a bygone era. Today's figure is a married new man who has had to become more "politically correct" in order to appeal to a wider audience. 

The Beginnings of the Hobby

The advent of Star Wars a decade later really took the market by storm though.

Until then action figures had been fairly much confined to the pre-teen boys market, but all that was to change.

With the huge success of Star Wars the Kenner action figures based on the movie flew off shop shelves as quickly as stores could fill them.

As a result Kenner just couldn't keep up with the massive demand which came as a complete surprise as no-one had expected the film to be the huge success it was and nothing akin to this had ever been witnessed before.

This resulted in a shortage of the figures and they began to become scarce, particularly the Darth Vader and Han Solo figures. As the demand grew and showed no signs slowing their value began to sky rocket as the secondary market for them exploded.

This was especially true for the low production figures that were made for promotional purposes or the specialty markets.

And so the collectible action figure market was born.

Later, in the 1980'S, fuelled by the burgeoning popularity of Japanese Manga and Anime characters particularly the Transformers the hobby became more mainstream and new companies catering for this increasingly popular hobby began spring up targeting the collectors market.

Some of the earlier star wars figures can now fetch hundreds or even thousands of $$'s at auction.

The collectors market is now massive with most movies, TV programmes, cartoons, sports and even pop stars having a line of action figures produced based on its characters.

One of the more popular of these companies over the past decade has been Mc Farlane's Toys, a company founded by Todd McFarlane the creator of the Spawn character and comic book.

McFarlane's have gained a reputation for excellent quality sculpting and meticulous attention to detail setting the benchmark by which many other figure companies are now judged.

The range of figures available now is limitless with anything from Lord of the Rings figures to  WWE Wrestling figures being produced. In fact in Hollywood you're not considered to be famous or a "superstar" unless you

Halo 3 The Biggest Entertainment Event In History

It's official, Microsoft have announced that the release of the long anticipated release of the Halo 3 game for the Xbox console was the biggest day ever in entertainment history with... 

Within the first 24 hours of its' official release an estimated $17O million has been taken making it the biggest ever day in entertainment history dwarfing even such events as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Spiderman.

Upto approx 10,000 stores hosted a Midnight Madness event as many fans queued up outside games store eagerly awaiting the midnight deadline for its release. Scenes reminiscent of major movie premiers were seen in New York's Times Square with major sport and TV celebrities joining in the celebrations.

Halo 3 is the third in a trilogy of releases developed by Bungie Studios exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox 360 games console. Halo 3 doesn't immediately pick up where Halo 2 left off but the comic book mini series Halo: Uprising will bridge the gap.

Halo 3 also continues to deliver innovative experiences and interactive experience via Xbox Live, the online gaming network on TV. Shane Kim, corporate vice-president of Bungie studios stated that more than a million members went online on September 25th to play Halo 3 making it the most active day ever in Xbox Live history.

Retailers across the country have reported phenomenal demand for the game and Bob McKenzie, Senior Vice President for GameStop Corp said that," The initial demand we've seen for Halo 3 is astounding, and the game is on track to being the number one gaming title of all time."

More than 1.7 million copies of Halo 3 had already been sold in the US alone before a single shop door had opened at midnight on Sept 25th making it the fastest pre-selling game in history setting pre-sales records.

McFarlane To Exhibit At Chiller Theatre

At this years Chiller Theatre Toy and Film Expo to be held in the Hotel Parsippany in New Jersey from Oct 5-7, McFarlane Toys will be display a variety of their best toys.

The booth should be easy to spot as McFarlane have an exclusive room that will be packed to the brink with fans favourites as well a new lines such as Beowulf, Halo 3 Series 1, Dragons Series 7, The Godfather and many more.

Are you an artist or sculptor?

Would you like to get into the toy business?

Then this could be your opportunity to be part of one of the world's largest and most popular toy companies. Of the course of the exhibit McFarlane Toys will be conducting informal portfolio reviews for aspiring artists and sculptors, so bring along your portfolio and one of their members of staff will be happy to speak to you.

There will also be many giveaways featuring some of their newest lines throughout the weekend.

There will also be a host of TV and film celebrities signing and posing for photos over the weekend.

McFarlane's and Oz- A Match From Heaven....

....Or Hell?

After all the recent speculation and rumours about the upcoming Oz movie to be directed by Todd McFarlane, IGN Comics spoke to the man himself.

So here is an extract from that interview that gives a little bit more information on the whole concept and what we can hope to expect.

Being a big fan of the Twisted Land of Oz figures I am eagerly awaiting this one and the more I hear about it the more I like that sound of hit.

Hopefully with the likes of Todd and Josh Olsen working on the project we will see a whole new take on this classic L Frank Baun’s novel rather than a remake.

I’ve often wondered whether this figures were based on a specific story line at the time but according to Todd…


Limited Edition Grinch Figures

McFarlanes have announced that there will be a surprise Limited Edition figure as well as the regular figures in the "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" release which is only available from...

McFarlane's have announced that to coincide with the release of their "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" line of figures due to be release in Nov, 2007 Time and Space Toys will be selling an exclusive online 3-inch figure.

The exclusive 3-inch "All I Need Is A Reindeer" features the Grinch with his hapless dog Max to re-create one of the most unforgettable moments from this Dr Seuss classic. Mc Farlanes regular sized figures are due to be released nationally in November with the 3-inch figures to follow next fall but this figure will only be available from Time and Space.

Due Nov, 2007

McFarlane's Phlebiac Brothers Exclusive

McFarlane's Spawn 32 introduces the Phlebiac Brothers and continues the new fresh look and story line started in the popular exclusive online comic The Adventures of Spawn. This...

Introducing the Phlebiac Brothers and continuing the new fresh look and storyline started in the successful exclusive online comic book, The Adventures of Spawn, and the equally successful action figures this second line of figures looks to likely be equally successful.

Spawn 32: The Adventures of Spawn 2 introduces fans to The Phlebiac Brothers with this exclusive Collectors Edition box set.

The Phlebiac Brothers were once the loyal servants of Darkness under the evil directions of Raven Spawn until they were betrayed and trapped within the prison realm of Limbo

But now these five little pests, who are best described as a cross between a gremlin and a munchkin, their have regained their freedom to once more reek mayhem and mischief across the universe.

This special Collectors Edition box set is a 5 piece set that is only available from McFarlanes online Collectors Club shop and Tempe & Glendale Stores.

Due Nov 12, 2007

McFarlane 3-inch Military Series 1

McFarlane's range of three each figures has become increasingly popular amongst fans and collectors so they have announced that they will be launching a mini military series that...

McFarlanes range of three inch figures has become increasingly popular so they have announced the release of a mini military series of three inch military figures.

The initial release will feature:

  • Marine Coros Recon Sniper
  • Navy Seal Commando
  • Army Ranger
  • Army Paratrooper
  • Army Infantry At-4
  • Air Force Special Ops
  • Air Force Special Ops CCT

These will of course have the same hyper attention to detail that has become synopsis with McFarlane's figures.

Due Jan, 2008


Dragons Series 8 "Can Dragon-kind survive?"

With the rise of Man will dragon-kind sink into the oblivion to become nothing more than legends and myth. McFarlane's Dragons series 8 begin the last chapter in this...

With the introduction of man into the Dragons kingdom can or will they survive? Events in the kingdom are escalating as the rise of man in their kingdom marks the time between their rule and their decline into nothing more than myth. And so the stage is set for an all new adventure with McFarlane's Dragons series 8.

  •  Hunter Dragon Clan 2
  • Eternal Dragon Clan 6
  • Water Dragon Clan 7
  • Berserker  Dragon Clan 6

Due Jan, 2008

Spawn 32: The Adventures of Spawn Continues

McFarlanes Adventures of Spawn is set to continue with a new edition of the successful online comic and a new series of figures. The Adventures of Spawn 2 will continue with the new look and feel introduced in the first series as well as introducing some new and old characters in this all new series.

The Adventures of Spawn draws it's inspiration from Saturday morning matinees of a bygone age and the Japanese anime style characters to give the Spawn universe and characters a fresh and original new look that has proved to be popular with fans.

This series brings you some of Spawn's old enemies from classic McFarlane story lines including three new versions of the classic fan favourite Commando Spawn, Spawn X and Raven Spawn figures.

I am also looking forward to seeing what they've done with the biker chick figure in this series as McFarlanes have the unique gift of making inanimate female cartoon figures look sexy.

The full series will include:

  • Commando Spawn
  • Raven Spawn
  • The Creech
  • Biker Chick
  • Tremor
  • Spawn x
  • Omega Squadron

As well as the characters in regular release there is to be a special Phlebiac Collectors Edition Exclusive boxed set.

Due Oct, 2007



Coming Soon:


12-Inch W. Payton

Cowboys 3-Pack

Dragons 7

Eagles 3-Pack

Elite Club 3-Pack

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Lard Lad

NFL 15

Robocop 3D Poster

Spawn Series 32

Spawn 3-Pack

NFL Ultimate Team Sets


24 Series 2

49ers 3-Pack

49ers 3-Pack (collector)


Doodle Double Dare

Elvis on Tour

McFarlane's Twisted Christmas

NFL 16

12-Inch B. Orr


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