Friday the 13th, Lake Crstal and Jason Voorhees

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Do you believe in Friday the 13th?

Jason does...

In 1957, a young boy named Jason Voorhees drowned at Crystal Lake Camp.

In 1958, two camp counselors were murdered.

In 1962, fires and bad water thwarted attempts to reopen the Crystal Lake Camp.

Then in 1979, Crystal Lake is finally set to reopen, ignoring the warnings from a local wacko.

Then the murders by a mysterious stalker start once again.

And now...

Just when you thought it was over...

The nightmares are set to begin again.

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NECA Friday 13th Jason Voorhees Figure 2010  Not rated yet
NECA has released a new packaged image for their upcoming Friday the 13th (2010) Jason Voorhees which comes out in late September.

There will be a package ...

This guy is one troubled whacko! Or should I say zombie?

Whatever he is, Jason Voorhees demonstrates the most gruesome and gut-wrenching method of taking the lives out of people, whoever they may be.

He is like a semi-trailer truck without brakes when he goes on a killing spree- a mass murderer who maims and oftentimes decapitates his unfortunate victims.

Although Jason Voorhees favorite murder weapon is his trusty machete, almost anything that he can lay his hands on is good enough to kill: knife, broken bottle, darts, pencil, water pipe, syringe and even an electric guitar!

When nothing is within reach, well, his big strong hands are often good enough to do the job by either squeezing the victim?s head until their eyes pop out, ripping through their chests or by simply choking the life out of them.

As for the manner of killing his victims, aside from those just mentioned, Jason is pretty much creative at doing just about anything and is not a bit ashamed of doing so- stabbing, strangulation, decapitation, slashing, electrocution, head bashing and even drowning! When it?s not blood and gore you see, it could sometimes be just broken necks and bones (not quite sure though if there was any case of someone ending up dead due to a heart seizure) but the end results are all the same- everyone ends up lifeless.

No one really knows as to why this character has become such a bloodthirsty killing machine but one thing is for sure, Jason is really good at what he does.

But who is this homicidal madman and how did he end up becoming an undead and immortal killing machine and eventual star of the movie series?

Jason Voorhees started out as a fictional bit character of a deceased child in the original movie version of Friday the 13th, not as the killer that he is now famous for but simply a memory and hallucination of the main characters of the movie.

He was actually not intended to carry out the role of main antagonist for the movie series but it seems like the makers of the film got a slice of how Jason?s machete feels like and for whatever reason (I bet it was the fear factor!) they gave him a shot at taking on the role.

Thus Jason Voorhees got the part and gained distinction and infamy during the sequel of the original movie, Friday the 13th Part 2, where his character originated from a dead child to a full grown adult.

Jason's initial plot was to kill as revenge for the death of his mother. He returned to Crystal Lake to seek refuge and this is where the madness all began.

Like a pitbull on steroids, Jason went on a bloody rampage killing anyone who came and set up camp in his hideout. As the movie extended into sequels, Jason?s thirst for murder also extended beyond Crystal Lake as he went about on piling up the body count everywhere he went.

Following the series, one realizes that Jason is one bad-ass character to mess around with. Like a torpedo seeking its target, Jason also seeks out those who got away from him and all his dead victims are just plain unlucky individuals who got in his way.

If you don't want to get caught standing on the path of annihilation, the smartest move would be to stand aside.

So how do you kill something that just won't die?

Good question.

Even the legendary (pun intended?) Freddy Krueger doesn't have an answer to that.

The cat-clawed dream weaver gave his best shot in trying to put Jason to sleep in the movie Freddy vs. Jason.

It was a battle of the immortal madmen slugging it out for the coveted reign of terror trophy (good thing the Al-Qaeda stepped aside on this one) with Jason ultimately winning out in the end by ripping off Freddy?s arm and then stabbing him with his own Wolverine-like glove.

The film ended with Jason Voorhees emerging from the lake holding Freddy's head which gave moviegoers a wink and a sinister smile, leaving them with the impression that the conclusion of terror is still in doubt.

So, if you have been to Camp Crystal Lake lately, best make sure that you're not being followed?

Friday the 13th wasn't just a horror movie, it was a trendsetter sparking of a whole host of copycat slasher movies and fast became a cult favourite spawning a number of sequels not to mention Friday the 13th figures.

Now you can re-live each horrifying moment with one of these Friday the 13th figure. Each of the Friday 13th figures has been "lovingly" sculpted to accurately portray the iconic Jason Voorhees in all his horrifying glory.

Whether you love him or hate these Jason Vorhees will have you hiding.

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