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The Fire Dragon Mc Farlanes Dragons Series 5

fire dragon 1

The Fire Dragon is one of the most elusive of Dragon kind and has rarely been seen or documented.

According to Legend he is the deadliest and most viscous of all dragons. There are only a few people who have lived to tell the tale of their encounter..

fire dragon 2 Usually found living in the depths of volcanoes or in desert regions they are known to be the hoarders of great wealth which has encourage fools, knights and adventurers to seek their lairs in the hope of finding fame and fortune. Alas few ever returned to tell their tales.

fire dragon 3 This special Deluxe Box Edition is the center piece of this collection and is truly breathtaking.

The paintwork features amazing detail on the scales and around the head and mouth. The red hot lava flowing from the base stains the dragons skin as he rises from the depths of the Earth's fiery furnace.

A single solitary knight can be seen readying himself for combat dwarfed by the massive, fearsome beast before in the vien hope of stealing the beasts treasures.

fire dragon 1 The base, its massive head, wings and talons rise 8 inches in height from the lava flow around him. Beautifully sculptured with fantastically applied paint this is the perfect center piece for this collection. Again there is little need for it but there is articulation at the top of the neck and at the wrists.

Each figure also comes with a chapter of the story that this series is based on, and includes some very photos. Each figure also comes with a chapter of the story that this series is based on, and includes some very photos.

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