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The launch of the new generation "figma" action figures by Masaki Asai and Max Factory from the Good Smile Company came in February 2008. The Figma line of action figures emphasises both beautiful sculpting faithful to the source material and mobility.

Many collectors have since become loyal fans making sure they never miss a single figure. With some it's almost craze or obsession.

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The first figure to be released as a Figma was the silent humanoid interface Yuki Nagato from "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi" and boy was she filled with features, and vivid color!

It also featured new joints that allowed a smoother look, yet gave more possibility and movement, allowing you to use many different scenes and positions.

These figures are not only great to place in ones collections or as decoration pieces in one's home, but are also make excellent gifts for someone close.

They are reasonably priced as Rob Bricken, writer and editor of Topless Robot says "it is one of the most prolific (and reasonably priced) anime toylines around". While praising the accuracy of these wonderful moveable dolls, Bricken further said they are "the perfect marriage of accuracy and possibility"

Figma figures have become very popular, so much so that 3 of the figma figures were among the most sold items on Amazon's toys category in 2008.

figma, figma figure, figma action figures

Figma figures have several points of articulation, which enable excellent possibility but makes them a bit fragile, however not enough to make them less desirable.

Most Figma figures also come with a large number of accessories that match the character portrayed, including an exchangeable face, which almost all have.

As is typical with most anime characters each has adorable facial features with large eyes, a small cute nose and prominent brows and lashes [except a few]. Varying eye colors, hair styles and clothing makes them even more attractive and thus they are truly irresistible. Don't be too surprised if after buying your first Figma figure you find yourself irresistibly drawn to buying another!

When it comes to flexibility and quality, figma figures are hard to beat. Their replaceable parts allow them to be posed in virtually any way you want. For quality, Figma dolls are just incomparable. They are bright and have prominent features with sumptuously elegant paint work. The choice of colors and clothing has been made to perfectly match each of the characters represented.

The characters featured in the Figma figures collection it varies a great deal but the most common are the bishoujo anime characters. Some of the Figma characters also go with different OR unusual themes such as Vocaloid (a singing synthesizer application developed by the Yamaha Corporation), Billy Herrington (a bisexual American actor best known for his work in gay pornography) or Touhou, a renowned bullet hell game and some are based on famous live characters like Micheal Jackson.

One of the biggest attractions of these Figma figures is their price, which at the price range of 2500 Yen to 4000 Yen makes them very affordable and inexpensive.

The most recent release was from the American produced "Kamen Rider Dragon Knight" a Figma of Len, transformed into his Wing Knight form and ready to aid Kit in the battle against the invaders!

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Figma Figures Checklist

001 Yuki Nagato (released Feb. 2008)

002 Suzumiya Haruhi (uniform version) (released Apr. 2008)

003 Saber (armored version) (released Apr. 2008)

004 Kyon (uniform version) (released Jul. 2008)

005 Takamachi Nanoha (Barrier Jacket version) (released May 2008)

006 Asahina Mikuru (uniform version) (released Jul. 2008)

007 Koizumi Itsuki (uniform version) (released Jun. 2008)

008 Izumi Konata (winter clothes version) (released Jul. 2008)

009 Fate T. Harlaown (Barrier Jacket version) (released Jul. 2008)

010 Kanu Unchou (released Aug. 2008)

011 Tohsaka Rin (plain clothes version) (released Aug. 2008)

012 Hiiragi Tsukasa (winter uniform version) (released Aug. 2008)

013 Hiiragi Kagami (winter uniform version) (released Sep. 2008)

014 Hatsune Miku (released Sep. 2008)

Note: sold in advance at Chara Hobby 2008.

015 Nagato Yuki (evil magician version) (released Sep. 2008)

Note: sold in advance at Wonder Festival 2008 Summer.

016 Doala (home version) (released Nov. 2008)

017 Doala (visitor version) (released Dec. 2008)

018 Tsuruya-san (uniform version) (released Oct. 2008)

019 Kagamine Rin (released Nov. 2008)

020 Kagamine Len (released Nov. 2008)

021 Tolucky (home version) (released Nov. 2008)

022 Takara Miyuki (winter uniform version) (released Nov. 2008)

023 Asakura Ryoko (uniform version) (released Nov. 2008)

024 Ryomou Shimei (released Dec. 2008)

025 Shana (Enpatsu version) (released Dec. 2008)

026 Yagami Hayate (Knight Armor version) (released Jan. 2009)

027 Seto San (released Jan. 2009)

028 Hoshimura Makina (released Apr. 2009)

029 Billy Herrington (released Jul. 2009)

Note: Nico Nico Chokuhan exclusive.

029-C Billy Herrington (Halloween version) (released Oct. 2009)

Note: Nico Nico Chokuhan exclusive.

030 Juohmaru (JPWA Tag Tournament version) (released Feb. 2009)

031 Sakura Hime (JPWA Tag Tournament version) (released Feb. 2009)

034 Suzumiya Haruhi (summer uniform version) (released Apr. 2009)

035 Hiiragi Kagami (cosplay version) (released May 2009)

036 Asahina Mikuru (Fighting Waitress version) (released May 2009)

037 Tsuruya-san (Cultural Festival maid version) (released May 2009)

038 Dro"ssel (released Jun. 2009)

039 Signum (knight clothes version) (released Jul. 2009)

040 Mitsurugi Meiya (UN troop version) (released Jul. 2009)

041 Sonsaku Hakufu (released Aug. 2009)

042 Golgo 13 (released Aug. 2009)

043 Shamal (knight version) (released Sep. 2009)

044 Izumi Konata (summer clothes version) (released Aug. 2009)

045 Hiiragi Tsukasa (summer uniform version) (released Oct. 2009)

046 Takara Miyuki (summer uniform version) (released Oct. 2009)

047 Hiiragi Kagami (summer uniform version) (released Oct. 2009)

048 Canaan (released Dec. 2009)

049 Aigis (released Oct. 2009)

050 Saber (casual wear version) (released Nov. 2009)

051 Emiya Shirou (casual wear version) (released Nov. 2009)

052 Vita (knight version) (released Nov. 2009)

053 Takamachi Nanoha (the Movie 1st version) (released Jan. 2010)

054 Ein (released Jan. 2010)

055 Hakurei Reimu (released Jan. 2010)

056 Fate Testarossa (the Movie 1st version) (released Feb. 2010)

057 Hirasawa Yui (school uniform version) (released Jan. 2010)

058 Akiyama Mio (school uniform version) (released Feb. 2010)

059 Kotobuki Tsumugi (school uniform version) (released Apr. 2010)

060 Tainaka Ritsu (school uniform version) (released Jun. 2010)

061 Nakano Azusa (school uniform version) (released Aug. 2010)

062 Fate Testarossa (school uniform version) (released Mar. 2010)

063 Lum (released Mar. 2010)

064 Subaru Nakajima (Barrier Jacket version) (released Apr. 2010)

065 Higurashi Kagome (released Apr. 2010)

066 Tsuchimiya Kagura (released Apr. 2010)

067 Isayama Yomi (released May 2010)

068 Kirisame Marisa (released Apr. 2010)

Note: Niconico Chokuha, animate, GAMERS and Tora no Ana exclusive.

069 Rider (released May 2010)

070 Suzumiya Haruhi (Junior High School version) (released Oct. 2010)

072 Saber Alter (released Jul. 2010)

073 Teana Lanster (Barrier Jacket version) (released Aug. 2010)

075 Kawamura Yuu (school uniform version) (released Aug. 2010)

076 Izayoi Sakuya (released Sep. 2010)

Note: store exclusive.

078 Kagura Aya (school uniform version) (released Sep. 2010)

EX Series

EX 001 Izumi Konata (Cosplay version)

Note: Wonder Festival 2008 Winter exclusive.

EX 002 Shana (black hair version) (released Feb. 2009)

Note: mail-order limited figure.

EX 003 Hatsune Miku (live stage version) (released Jul. 2009)

Note: Wonder Festival Summer 2009 exclusive.

EX 004 Hirasawa Ui (school uniform version) (released Feb. 2010)

Note: Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter) exclusive.

EX 005 Manabe Nodoka (school uniform version) (released Jul. 2010)

Note: Wonder Festival 2010 (Summer) exclusive.

SP Series

SP 001 Chou Yuusha Haruhi (released Jan. 2008)

Note: The Perplexity of Suzumiya Haruhi Playstation 2 game exclusive.

SP 002 Lelouch Lamperouge (released Mar. 2008)

SP 003 Kururugi Suzaku

Note: Wonder Festival 2008 Summer exclusive.

SP 004 Saber Lily (released Dec. 2008)

Note: Fate/Unlimited Codes SP Box PlayStation 2 game exclusive.

SP 005 Reika (released Jun. 2009)

Note: Gantz 26 exclusive.

SP 006 Cute (released Dec. 2009)

Note: Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos (Gekitou Pack) PSP game exclusive.

SP 007 Takamachi Nanoha (uniform version) (released Jan. 2010)

Note: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Battle of Aces Lyrical Box PSP game exclusive.

SP 008 Drossel Sightseeing Unit (gizmo) (released Dec. 2009)

Note: Fireball Winter Package DVD exclusive.

SP 008 Kagura Aya (morning coffee version) (released Mar. 2010)

Note: native-web exclusive.

SP 009 Saber Extra (released Jul. 2010)

Note: Fate/Extra Type-Moon Box Limited Edition exclusive.

SP 011 Prince Shoutoku (released Jul. 2010)

SP 012 Black Rock Shooter (released Aug. 2010)

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