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mcfarlanes dragons series 5

The Eternal Dragon Clan Mc Farlane's Dragons Series 5

One of the most beautiful of all the dragons the Eternal Dragon spends most of his time gracefully gliding high over the Kingdom's forests and mountain ranges usually nesting on mountain tops and living in the clouds, it' rarely seen on the ground.

eternal dragon 5

They can often be seen playing in thunderstorms or frolicking in hurricanes and have sometimes been mistaken for shooting stars. The Eternal dragon is the only one to have allowed man to domesticate him and this figure features a Dragonrider on its back.

The paintwork and sculpting on this figure is again very detailed and well applied with a good contrast of colors used. This is one of the most impressive figures in Series 5. Beautifully sculpted in all it's splendour this Eternal Dragon soars over a lush green forest.

The figure stands at a height of 7 inches at it's highest point with a massive wingspan of 13 1/4 inches from tip to tip. The overall effect is completely awe inspiring and will leave you wishing you could feel what it would be like to be sat atop this magnificent beast.

The only fault I can find with this figure is the metal black rod supporting the dragon when a strong clear pvc rod would have worked just as well without spoiling the effect of this diorama.

As mentioned previously there isn't much need for articulation in these figures but without any they wouldn't really be classed as action figures so there is a certain amount of articulation on the neck, head, arms and it has a bendable tail. Each figure also comes with a chapter of the story that this series is based on, including some very good photos.

This an excellent addition to the Eternal Clan of dragons and the McFarlane's Dragon series of figures

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