emperor palpatine, star wars, sideshow collectables

Limited Edition Emperor Palpatine Life Size Bust

emperor palpatine, star wars, sideshow collectables

Sideshow Collectibles are THE leading manufacturer of film and movie related action figures, dioramas and memorabilia and this time they bring you a LIFE SIZE Emperor Palpatine bust.

If your a Star Wars fan you'll appreciate the aura of evil this stunningly accurate and authentic piece palpitates.

So realistic and detailed that you can almost hear the rasping wisper of his voice and feel the piercing cold of his stare.

This bust captures the Emperor, the Dark Lord of the Sith in all his stately glory and evil intent on a Star Wars inspired display stand.

This unique collectible item is being produced in very limited number and is being offer on a WAIT LIST (see below for wait list info)

The Emperor Palpatine is probably the most evil man ever, also known as Darth Sidious, dark lord of the Sith.

The first ruler of the galactic empire it was him who was responsible for warping the mind of young Anakin Skywalker and converting him to the dark side in his quest for supremacy.

As his powers grew so did his grip on the galaxy.

One of the most feared and hated figures in the galaxy for decades, the chief architect of the Clone Wars and the creator of the Galactic Empire and the man responsible for the decimation of the Jedi Order. 4

A master in the use of the Force he can channel immense power through his seemingly old and fragile body. His age also belies his speed, agility and cunning in combat with a lightsabre, which he is also a master of.

The Emperor down fall final comes at the hands of the creature he created, a bit like Frankenstein?s monster, when Darth Vader looking on as Emperor Palpatine is blasting the bleating and incapacitated Luke Skywalker with bolts of evil energy.

From the depths of his subconscious Anakin Skywalker manages to reassert himself from deep within Vader, and wrestling the Emperor away from Luke he throws him down a long shaft to his death.

A Note of Warning:

Sideshow Collectibles items are generally VERY LIMITED and have VERY LOW production runs and as a result sell through very quickly, often before they are even ready for distribution.

It is therefore essential that you place your orders as early as possible.

Once items are SOLD OUT a Wait List is normally started in case of any cancellations, over production, non-payment etc. If you add your name to a wait list you are not gauranteed to recieve the product BUT you will have a good chance of getting it.

SECOND CHANCE OFFER: this means that on an items release both the pre-order list and wait list have been fullfilled and there is still limited quantities available for sale and so are offered on a "Second Chance" sale.


emperor palpatine, star wars, sideshow collectables

Figure Specs

License: Star Wars

Product Type: Life-Size Bust

Product Size: 22" H (558.8mm) x 20" W (508mm) x 13" D (330.2mm)*

Product Weight: 20.00 lbs (9.07 kg)*

Oversized Item

The shipping cost will be calculated on dimensional weight rather than product weight for this item due to its oversized dimensions.

Est. Shipping Weight: 20.00 lbs (9.07 kg)*

Dimensional Weight (DIM): 106 lbs *

* Product size and weight are approximate values. Est. Ship Weight is an estimated value for U.S. shipping calculated by item, box and shipping materials. US shipping costs may be estimated in DIM weight if oversized warning appears above. click here for additional information. International (non-EU) shipping costs are only based on dimensional weight, click here for more information.


  • Howard Senft
  • Tom Gilliland
  • Anthony Mestas
  • Darth Rimmer
  • Mike Arbios
  • Tim Hanson
  • Kevin Ellis
  • The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

Manufactured by: Sideshow Collectibles

Limited Edition: 750

Pre-order Now $299.99 (more information)

Flexpay Available On This Item
What is Flexpay?

Sideshow Collectibles is now offering its customers an opportunity to add museum quality collectibles and prop replicas more easily to their lifetime collections through a multiple-payment option called FLEXPAY.

This service allows collectors to pay for their item in a few affordable monthly payments, which will conveniently be charged to their card on a pre-set schedule.

Shipping costs and any applicable taxes will be charged with the last payment and the item will be shipped to you upon completion of the last payment.

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