Star Wars Figures For Sale

by Colin

I was born in Germany in 1969 and saw the first Star Wars movie when I wasn't even allowed to see it.

The next possible day I started to collect Kenner Star Wars figures. Now my son is 10 years old and plays with his own toys - Star Wars is "old school" for him. So I finally decided to sell my figure-collection.

However, even after checking the web extensively, I have not found a price-guide which could give me a clear picture about how much my collection is worth. I know about the books with price-guides - but, honestly, I don't want to spend money to (maybe) make some.

Therefore, I would love to have the input of a real expert. I put the pics of my figures on my webpage at: (a downloadable zip-file).

It would be grand, if you could help me to at least determine the prices for some of the "rarer" figures or to let me know what I should do to sell them to someone "in one go".

I am looking very much forward to your answer and thank you for your kind help in advance!

Yours sincerely (and with a great compliment for your work!),

Stefan Jan


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the question. One of the best sites for the vintage figures is Brians Toys, you could also google them and do a "price comparision", set up a google alert do a search for it.

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Is my French Princess Leia Organa boxed figure worth anything?

by Luke
(Manchester, England)

As the title suggests I have a boxed Leia. It looks like it's a French release from the packaging 'Star Wars La Guerra De Las Galaxias La Guerre Des Etoiles'.

I've had it for some time and wondered if it's worth anything or should I just let my kids open the box and let them play with it?

On the front of the card it's says Kenner in the bottom right. On the back is has the following STAR WRAS 1995 Lucasfilm.....Tonka Corporation

(no idea if this means anything at all). At the bottom is this reference C-060A.

Just intrigued to know what it's worth if anything as dug out all my Star Wars stuff over the weekend and forgot how much I have (boxed and loose figures and various other Star Wars bits).



This site has a load of information on these figures along with the relevant serial numbers.

It seems this is a French release figure but I've not yet been able to ascertain it value...can anyone else help out?

Regards Colin

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Is the Kenner ESB Princess Leia Organa Figure (boxed) valuable?

by Linnea
(Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom)

I have an unopened Kenner Figure (ESB) of Princess Leia Organa (No. 38190, ASST.# 39300) and I would like to know if it is worth anything (ie over 20$) or if I should just tear into it and let my child play with it. I have recently unearthed MY original star wars ESB collection...

I have just opened the containers (all ESB and all Kenner Figures)(plastic boxes on the cards) for Luke Skywalker (Bespin Battle Fatigues (No. 39780, Asst # 69360), AT-AT Driver (No 39379, Asst # 39300), Chewbacca (No. 38210, Asst # 69630), and Lobot (No 39349, Asst # 39300). Should I just chuck out all the card backing and plastic boxes?

I also have quite a few of the ESB figures in a black plastic case in the shape of Darth Vadar's Head.

Furthermore, I have the Kenner StarWars X-wing fighter (No. 38030) (and the box) as well as the Tauntaun figure and box.

Can anyone give me an indication whether it would be worth my time and effort to try and flog these items for some decent money or whether I should just relax and let my child have fun?

Thanks for your input!!


An excellent find Linnea!

The short answer is DON'T give it to your son to play with!

But if it's No. 38190 this is from the original A New Hop set released in 1977!

In fact this figure wasn't released until 1978 but were pre-sold and mail out due to delays making it impossible for Kenner to release them before Christmas.

The good news is that in Mint condition this can be worth upwards of $200!

As it happens I'm in the process of putting together a Kenner Checklist/ Price Guide.

My advice- put them away somewhere say out of direct sunlight and dry.

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