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McFarlanes Spawn Series 30 Cy-Gor Action Figure

This fearsome figure of Cy-Gor, a genetically enhanced gorilla is one of my favourites. Until his capture by scientists from his peaceful jungle home and family he was a normal happy baby gorilla but then...

Cy-gor is probably the best designed in this series. He lacks the usual gruesome detail that we have come to expect from Mc Farlanes but that is more due to the change in focus for this line.

He has quite a fierce look though and is obviously not a happy chimp! He also has a rather cool, and real, chain hanging from his metal neck collar.

The overall paintwork on this figure is good although a bit blotchy in places.

He also has better articulation than most of the other figures with movable neck, shoulders, wrists and hips. This allows him to be posed in either a full stand up pose or a more traditional crouching position.

Unfortunately though he dosen't come with any accessories unless you count his round base.

All in all, except for a few minor paint issues, an excellent figure.

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