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Who Is The Cobra Commander

Cobra Quote:

I'm not going to be ground under the wheels of big

government!... I'm going to create an underground organization

that will bypass government restrictions, and garner power

through terrorism and extortion!... I won't stop until my

organization coils around the whole world like a giant cobra!" -- Cobra Commander, circa. 1978

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What is the Cobra Organization?

The Cobra Organization, or Cobra Command, is a ruthless terrorist organization that is the fictional enemy of the G.I. team.

When the G.I. Joe line of figures was re-launched in 1982 by Hasbro a Marvel Comic and animated TV series was also launched.

At this time the Cobra Command was introduced in order to create an enemy for the G.I. team to pit its self against.

The Cobra organization was the of an American businessman, who blamed the worlds Governments and corporate businesses for his financial ruin, as a means to acquire wealth and power to wreak his revenge.

The organization initially received much of its funding through pyramind schemes and other semi-legitimateenterprises.

Cobra quickly evolved into a paramilitary movement motivated by greed and power, the group soon expanded all over the country, operating in secret, and began engaging in terrorism to achieve their objectives.

The U.S. government was initially unaware of Cobra's growing threat until it had already established its self as a powerful private army and terrorist organization.

Many of Cobra's members were initially attracted by the promise of fast financial rewards and power for those willing to be ruthless enough.

Cobra has even managed to achieve semi-legitimacy by creating Cobra Island, which was recognized as an independent nation by the international community allowing it to have diplomatic facilities in the United States via the Cobra consulate.

Cobra now maintains a number of bases around the world and is said to have bases, underground cells and even whole communities scattered across the globe.

Like any army the Cobra Command is made up of a vast army of faceless soldiers with widely diversified specialties and functions.

Cobra Soldiers/Officers- The basic foot soldiers or grunts of the organization are the Cobra Troopers or "Blueshirts". These were the original soldiers introduced in 1982.

Crimson Guard- Were introduced in 1985. These soldiers receive intense training and originally had to have either an accounting or law degree and are often used in deep cover operations, posing as civilians and politicians.

Cobra Vipers- The Vipers were introduced in 1986 to complement the Blueshirts but often received better training and have more sophisticated equipment. The Vipers soon became the backbone of the organization and if you wanted to get anywhere in the organization you had to start as a Viper.

B.A.T.s - The B.A.Y.s (Battle Android Troopers) were introduced in 1986 as a cheap alternative to using living soldiers.

Night Creepers- The Night Creepers are a form of ninja mercenaries who are particularly adept at technology and business.

Iron Grenadiers- Destro's personal army.

Python Patrol- The Python Patrol is an elite unit within the Cobra Organization. They have special uniforms that masks their presence to electronic detection systems. They were first introduced in 1989 and in 2003 new figures were released as part of Python Patrol.

Like any big organization Cobra Command has had more than its share of internal power struggles and in-fighting despite the fact that their common goal is the destruction of the G.I. Joe team and world domination.

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