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Chucky The Doll Not For Childs Play

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Chucky has become as iconic and "famous" as horror figures like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, although at times the series has become quite tongue in Cheek and anything but serious.

Despite this, or maybe because of this, the frachise has gained a huge cult following and there is talk of a sixth movie in the series...

If there was ever one horror movie that was designed to target the "general audience", so to speak, then this movie series is a prime and disturbing example of that genre.

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chucky, chucky seed, child's play chuckyChucky, the so called "star" in the horror movie series "Child’s Play", is a doll from the Good Guy series created by Play Pals Inc.

He is the little critter that caused nightmares for children at bedtime. Wondering how and why? This is how it went down...

One of the dolls happened to become possessed by the soul of a mass murder by the name of Charles Lee Ray aka the Lakeshore Strangler.

Being chased and shot at by a policeman, Charles stumbled into a toy store mortally wounded. Desperate and knowing that he would die, this madman performed voodoo (black magic) upon himself and transferred his soul into one of the “Chucky” dolls with the intent of self-preservation and then returning back from the dead.

Thus, it becomes a living, breathing and homicidal maniac bent on finding the first person whom he revealed his secrets to.

But the catch is, in accordance to the spell he cast upon himself upon his death, Charles Lee Ray, who is now a doll, would need the body of that first person who witnessed him speak in order accomplish the soul transfer and therefore become human again.

And there is a timeline for all this to happen before he becomes trapped inside the doll forever!

Because of his "mission", the nightmare and horror begins for Andy Barclay, the child whom the possessed doll first talked to about his evil secret.

Despite being a doll, he has retained his human "qualities" like intellect, the ability to bleed, to talk, to procreate (for crying out loud!); and is still capable of being a brutal killer like he was when still a human.

In the first part of the movie series, Charles Lee Ray goes on a bloody rampage to get the little boy Andy and transform him into his host.

But unfortunately for him he had to face Andy’s mom, Karen, who did just about everything to protect her son from the evil little ragdoll.

Soon enough, he fails in his attempt to relocate his soul into Andy’s body and ends up as a toasted doll in the fireplace.

But little did they know that the horror had just begun...

The second and third part of the movie series Andy’s character is still pursued (relentlessly, might I add) by the homicidal Chucky.

Although captured in a different timeframe and setting, the storyline pretty much stays the same.

In his second coming, he is brought back to form by the company which manufactures the Good Guy dolls who were desperate to mend their public image tarnished by the events that occurred (as seen in the previous movie).

They decided to bring back the dolls and the result is another Chucky killing frenzy which again ends up with his becoming a cut up, molten and blown up plastic doll.

But this still doesn't put an end to our little fiend...

In the third part of the series, Charles Lee Ray is accidentally brought back to life by the company’s cleaning crew.

Blood from his remains drip onto a container of molten plastic, that is recyled and used to manufacture the dolls and again, our little demonic doll is up up to no good again in no time.

At this point of the series it only proves that Chucky is really immortal but hell-bent on returning back to human form again.

But with Andy now a teenager and attending military school, Chucky’s chances of reverting back to human form just went south.

Quite predictably, our relentless little mascot just can’t seem to get the meaning of the words "give up" and again he ends up in pieces after a futile battle with the young lad whom he was supposed to kill.

Now the weirdest part of the movie series begins. For the last two installments of the series, it depicts Chucky as going way beyond desperation. The last two titles aptly named Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky seemingly gives away what the movies are about.

In Bride of Chucky, he was again brought back to fighting form by his long lost girlfriend Tiffany who stitched him up real good. Funny thing was Chucky killed to perform voodoo on her to transfer her soul into another doll clad in bridal attire.

The end result was a homicidal pair of dolls who went out killing everyone unfortunate enough to achieve their goal of becoming human again. Oh, and they did some humping scene here too. The impossible happened when at the end of the movie, the doll Tiffany gave birth!

Imagine that!

chucky, chucky seed, child's play chuckyAnd finally we come to what I hope is the final episode of this weird horror movie series- Chucky’s offspring. To cut a long and bizarre story short, a baby doll named Glen was introduced in this movie and quite predictably, it got its parents’ killer traits (no joke!). Both Chucky and Tiffany were brought back to life and the usual morbid and disturbing acts of the “voodoo dolls” were again on display.

Everything ends when Tiffany becomes human again (finally!); gives birth to fraternal twins and Glen, in a blind rage, successfully tears Chucky into spare parts.

Although disturbing and chaotic this movie might have been, credit is given to Chucky’s creators for thinking outside the box in making quite an unusual horror film series.

For those who intend to get a new doll for some kid’s birthday present, make sure the doll have batteries when it talks. Until then, let’s go play.

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