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black rock shooter, black rock shooter figure

Who Is Black Rock Shooter?

If you haven't seen Black Rock Shooter yet then it's time you did!

Thanks to story writer Nagaru Tanigawa and amazing graphics by Yuusuke Matsao this anime comes loaded with plot twists.

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Black Rock Shooter has been produced as OVA and centers around a female character called Black Rock Shooter. Credit must first be given to Yuuseke for giving the character rocking black attire and blazing blue eyes to match her dark rock star looks.

The plot begins with a battle between Black Rock Shooter and her demented friend Black Gold Saw. BRS wants to liberate her friend from the dark possession but her friend isn't about to make things easy for her. So they clash in a battle of blades neither wanting to give in to the other.

You would think, being the heroine and main character that Black Rock Shooter would win but surprisingly she gets stabbed in the stomach ending the battle and she ends up with stomach scars which become part of her signature look in the whole 50 minute anime.

black rock shooter, black rock shooter figure

The plot then shifts to the world of Mato kuroi and Yomi Tanakashi who meet on their first day of school and become good friends. Their friendship blossoms until 2nd grade when they get separated and end up in different classes.

Yomi really want s to be with her best friend but Mato meets a new friend Yuu and forgets about Yomi for a while. This hurts Yomi and she develops dark feeling s towards her friend. Slowly she starts to become like Dead Master in the other world.

One day Mato wakes up to find her longtime friend missing which frightens her. Her worries disappear when she gets a text message from her lost friend to meet her at their favorite spot. Once Mato gets there, all she gets is a pendant she had given to her friend which starts to glow spontaneously. Suddenly the charm throws her into an avalanche of blue light and she ends up face to face with Black Rock Shooter. Black Rock Shooter tells Mato of her friend's plight and joins forces with her. Yomi, the supposed lost friend, is also revealed to have joined forces with Dead Master.

black rock shooter, black rock shooter figure

This sums up the whole OVA, at the end we get highlights of Yuu Mato's newly found friend getting the same dark feeling when the two best friends reunite and we wait for is another battle between these two forces once more.

While fans wait for the sequel, they are promised a new Black Rock Shooter video game set for a 2011 release under the production of Imageepoch studio. The game will combine the elements of role play, shooter and third person shooter into one.

The games backdrop is set in 2051 on a post apocalyptic world after a Martian invasion in 2032 leaves 12 people alive who come back to reality after being deep in a trance.

Will the game cause much gusto as the anime did?

We wait to see...

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Black Rock Shooter shows her fans her true fire power. Her Black Rock Cannon is around her height.

The complicated parts at the handle and the matte …

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The Animation versions show the Black Rock Shooter girls in action.

Strength is still shrouded in mystery, her face is obscured by her ninja headscarf …

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This mysterious girl with gigantic robot arms and spiky tail is from Black Rock Shooter anime and is joining the figma rank now.

Dressed in her skimpy …

Black Rock Shooter Dead Master Figure Not rated yet
Death Master is ready to unleash her skills on Black Rock Shooter. A rival to the twin tailed girl, Death Master is both a mirror image and an opposite. …

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Black Gold Saw is another mysterious girl who wants to take down Black Rock Shooter.

Although she is rounded and shortened, she still has her sharp …

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Black Rock Shooter is getting animated. To celebrate this event, Good Smile Company invited the warrior into their studios as a model of their newest figure. …

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Figma Black Rock Shooter Non Figure Not rated yet
Those who want to create complicated poses, play with the Figma figure.

Although it's not scaled, the proportions and details from Huke's illustrations …

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Gothic and dark, but fitS absolutely beautifully in your collection of Chibi characters, Black Rock Shooter is a combination of fantasy, action, Bishojo …

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