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"Are You Ready To Face The Terrifying Berserker Dragon "

The Berserker Dragon is the most dangerous and infamous of the dragon clans.

Their wrath and anger has been documented and told throughout history in myths and legends.

Commonly found dwelling in caves among vast mountain ranges or alpine forests.

berserker dragon 5

This paricular dragon has been tethered and chained whilst sleeping peacefully but now he has woken and roars in anger at his captors, pulling at the chains constraining him, smoke billowing from his nostrils at this humilation as he tries break free.

His tail flicks back and forth slashing visciously through the air. His muscles and sinews strain as he pulls against the chains holding him.

He can smell the human stink in the air as his nostrils flare. How dare they try to ensnare him?

With excellent sculpting and fine details on his scales and body this is yet another superb figure from McFarlanes.

The paintwork is also some of the best work I've seen, evenly applied with intricate details, a blend of greens and cream on the wings and stripping down his body.

This figure really brings the series alive as you can almost hear the cries of pain and anger at his capture.

mcfarlanes beserker dragon series 5

Measuring approx 7 1/2 inches to the top of its raised wings and with a total wingspan of 9 inches this is a stunning Berserker Dragon figure.

Its base, complete with shruberry and cowering humans is perfect with real chains holding him down.

There is little articulation as it is more an adults collectible than a toy, in fact in my opinion, these figures would make excellent statues so there is no real need for any.

But I'm sure many of you will diagree with me ;-)

So it does have some articulation at the top of it's neck, shoulders, right elbow, and it's forked tail is bendable.

All in all excellent addition to the Dragons Series of figures and the Berserker Clan.

Each figure also comes with a chapter of the McFarlanes Dragons story that this series is based on, and some excellent photos.

mcfarlanes berserker dragon

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