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A Brief History of the Batman Figure

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Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939, when the young Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents being killed and vowed to dedicate his life fighting crime.

Batman takes on the role as Gotham City's protector saving the city from such criminal minds as the Joker, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Man-Bat, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, and many more.

Even after a span of 70 years, thousands of comics, a television series, several films and cartoons, and countless memorabilia, Batman remains one of the most well known and best loved fictional heroes of all times.

1977 Carded Batman Figure

batman figures, mego batman, batman medicom

Palitoy (UK) Mego Carded Batman

batman figures, mego batman, batman medicom

Mexican Batman produced by Lili Ledy
under License by Mego

batman figures, mego batman, batman medicom

The First "Unofficial" Batman Figure

Although technically not a "Batman" action figure the first "Super Hero" action figure produced was by the Ideal Toy Company in 1966 which were released as a rival to Hasbro's G.I. Joe line.

He came dressed with a cloth super hero costume, hat, ray gun, and sword his costume was interchangable.

Several super hero costumes based on famous comic book characters, including a Batman costume were produced for the figure which were sold seperately.

This was followed by a "partner" doll for hin in 1967, Action Boy, with three costumes available for him to change into, including Robin, Batman's sidekick.

The First "Official" Batman Figure

The Mego Corporation released their own line of DC Comics and Marvel Comics action figures called The World's Greatest Super Heroes in 1972.

Featuring many of the characters from the popular TV Series this line of 8-inch figures included Batman, Robin, Catwoman, and The Joker.

Each of these popular figures had changeable cloth costumes that came with the figures.

After the success of "The World's Geatest Super Heroes" line of figures Mego decided to release a smaller version called "Comic Action Heroes".

A Change of Direction

In 1984 Kenner were granted the license to produce DC Comics character figures and so the Super Powers Collect of figures was born. Each of these figures had a secret super power that would trigger when the figure's arms or legs were squeezed.

Despite its short time in production the Super Powers Collection managed to release the first-ever 5" action figures of Batman, Robin, The Joker, The Penguin, and Mr. Freeze.

Also an accurately styled Batmobile and a Batcopter were produced.

The Super Powers line however folded in 1986 and DC Comics decided to grant the license to Toy Biz in 1989.

The first figures that Toy Biz produced under this license were for the Batman movie which they followed up with other DC Comics character under the name DC Comics Super Heroes. Toy Biz also produced some previously unreleased figures such as Two-Face and The Riddler.

However many of the Toy Biz figures were made from a low quality plastic, and slightly retooled reproductions of the previous Super Powers line from Kenner. As a result DC quickly cancelled their contract and awarded it back to Kenner.

After Kenner received the license back from Toy Biz they quickly released a line of Batman movie figures in 1990, the first DC Comics figuresto have been produced by Kenner for four years.

The Amigo Batman

In 1989 a South American company, Pacipa, got hold of the old Super Power molds and released a line of DC Comics character figures called Super Amigos which were exclusive to South America.

This collection also included a Riddler figure which used a repainted Green Lantern base sculpt and is considered to be a rare piece and is highly sought after by collectors.

One of the best sites on the net for a full listing of Batman Figures including images, lego and exclusives is: Legions of Gotham and for some of the earliest Batman Figures ever produced.

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|| Online Batman Store- Loads of comics, books, games, dvds and figures. Go on keep your inner child happy! ;-) ||

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