Bakugan Battle Brawlers- Shoot, Stand, Brawl!

The Bakugan Story

How It All Started

What is Bakugan

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Bakugan Battle Brawlers is probably the coolest and most popular game since Pokemon and it looks like its popularity will continue to grow.

The game is a combination of the poular Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh card games and the old classical favourite, marbles.

In the game each player uses a mix of skill, strategy and luck to beat their opponent in a Bakugan battle or brawl.

It is the combination of all these elements that gives the game a wide spectrum of appeal, making it popular with all ages.

The skill and strategy part of the game evolves around your "deck" or cards.

There are four types of cards:

Each of these cards effects the game in a different way and therefore your choice of cards could dramatically change the outcome of a battle.

Then there are the Bakugan themselves.

These are small round magnetic spheres about the size of a marble that when rolled onto one of the magnetic gate or character cards will pop open.

Inside is the Bagukan with has a random G value inside. The player with the highest G-level wins the battle but...

Here I will:

  • Explain All the cards
  • How to Play
  • What the Cards Do
  • The Best Strategies
  • All the Bakugan
  • All the latest News, Info and Updates
  • Bakugan Videos
  • An more...

Introducing the...

Bakugan Swap Club

Are your kids fed up of getting the same Bakugan and cards?

I know how hard it is.

Your kids have saved up their allowance to get themselves a new Bakugan Booster pack.

They rush to their local store and buy their pack (if there are any in store!) and eagerly rip it open.

Suddenly their smiles are gone, replaced by tears of frustration.


Now you can swap your duplicates for the Bakugan you need!

No more tears...

No more doubles...

And they still get the fun of opening their packs!

This is THE ONLY SITE on the net to offer this UNIQUE and FREE Service!

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Why am I doing this?

Because when Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh took of in the UK I ran tournaments, club nights and training sessions for those who wanted to learn the game.

I used to get so annoyed and angry with the dealers who were basically trying to rip the kids off for a quick buck.

I want your kids to have fun, learn to play and interact!

Even better, why not LEARN yourself!

Join in the fun and play as a family.

I bet you'll enjoy it, and your kids will think you're the coolest parent ever!

I'll make you one promise.

I will sell you the Bakugan cards I get at the very best prices I can.

These won't always be the cheapest prices but...

I will garuntee you the best service, advice and VALUE that I can give.

And if at ANY time you're not happy...

Just return your goods and I will PERSONALLY refund you.

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