How Many Different Bakugan Gate Cards Are There?

Bakugan Gate Cards are part of the latest craze sweeping the world.

Bakugan is a game of skill and chance that consists of Bakugan "monsters" that are represented by "morphing" marbles and are used to "battle" with, then there are the Gate Cards and Ability cards that require a degree of when deciding which Bakugan cards to use and when.

What are the Gate Cards?

The Bakugan Gate Cards are the metal cards that the Bakugan "stand" on and battle for.

Each of the Bakugan Gate Cards has 6 G-Power boosts, these attribute bonuses have the various attribute icons (Pyrus, Aquos, etc...)and are added to the Bakugan when they battle on the card.

Some of the cards also have special abilities (see below) that can have a great effect on the outcome of the game.

When choosing your deck you need three Bakugan Gate Cards, three Ability cards and three Bakugan so it's important to choose your Gate cards carefully.

The Bakugan Gate Cards come in either Silver, Gold or Copper:

bakugan gate cards, bakugan cards

  • Normal Cards (Silver)
  • The normal metal Bakugan Gate Cards have no abilities, commands or spells other than the six basic G-Power boosts, but these G-Power boosts can alter quite considerably so they need to be chosen carefully to match your Bakugan.

    Each card also has a HSP score allocated at the bottom of the card that helps to decide the overall winner.

    When choosing any of these cards it's best to find one that give your Bakugan a high boost of G-Power but a low level boost for the other attributes.

    bakugan gate cards, bakugan cards

  • Character Cards- Gold Cards
  • The Character Bakugan Gate Cards are metal gate cards that are designed for one specific Bakugan so there is one character card for each and every Bakugan.

    Like a normal gate card the Character card has six G-Power boosts and a HSP score. The big difference is that each Character card bears the name and image of a Bagukan and if a Bakugan stands on its own character card its G-Power is doubled.

    Some of the character cards also have very powerful abilities therefore enabling you to hit your opponent with a double whammy. Lighnting Storm is a very good example of this as it gives all Aquos, Haos, and Ventus Bakugan +50 G-Power once the Gate card is put into any player's used pile. But this also means it needs to be played and lost first! Of course the down side of this particular card is that the ability also affects your opponents Bakugan.

    bakugan gate cards, bakugan cards

  • Command Cards- Copper Cards
  • A Command Card has the usual G-Power boosts and HSP scores as the regular Gate cards but they also add an element of surprise to the game.

    Each Command card has a direct order will add an unexpected element of surprise to a Battle.

    There are the standard G-Power Boosts and HSP scores, however, there also a direct order that both Brawlers must follow.

    These cards can dramatically change the course of the game so a great deal of thought needs to go into deciding which to use.

    These cards can be the trickiest to use but they can also be the most effective and rewarding.

    In order to use these to their full potential you need to be conversent with its abilites and when to use them.

    A prime example of a command card is Stand Off. This card is ideal if you have already used your ability cards as it prevents players from using their ability cards.

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