What Are The Six Bakugan Planets and Attributes?

The Cartoon Network airs Bakugan every Saturday morning 8am PT and 11am ET, and Sunday mornings at 7:30 am PT and 10:30 ET.

The cartoon follows the adventures of 8 Battle Brawlers.

The six main characters are:

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The main character and leader is a 12 year old boy named Dan who is a very street smart kid, although he isn't particularly good at his school work.

Dan is always looking for adventure and is quick to react in difficult situations, sometimes too quick. He also has a quick temper which has prone to get him into trouble on more than one occasion.

Since he discovered Bakugan his life has revolved around it and his greatest ambition is to become the top player in the world.

Dan is a master of the power play and prefers to use Bakugan with the fire attribute in battle. His guardian is Pyrus Drago, a gigantic dragon-like Bakugan from the planet "Pyrus".

One of the most powerful species living in Vestroia he can infinitely evolve on his own and in battle he radiates intense heat from his body, dissolving everything around him.

Pyrus, like Dan, has strong convictions and is a true knight, a born leader. Together him and Dan form a strong bond and deep friendship.

bakugan, bakugan characters, bakugan cards


Marucho, unlike Dan, is studios and soaks up all he can read about Bakugan and its strategies. The only son of a millionaire he is wise beyond is 11 years of age.

Marucho often surprises his opponents with his techniques based on in-depth data analysis but sometimes he misjudges his spur-of -the-moment decisions based only on data.

A loyal friend of Dan's, Marucho helps him choose which Bakugan to pit against his opponents. A master of combination play he generally uses Aquos Bakugan in battle. His guardian, Aquos Preyas is a chameleon-like Bakugan. Because of his unusual nucleus he has the ability to change his molecular structure and take on the characteristics of all of the attributes.

Despite his quirky sense of humour Preyas remains dedicated and loyal to Marucho.

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A true tomboy who hates her feminine attributes, Runo isn't your typical 11 year old girl. Runo loves to be "one of the gang" and to brawl with the boys and is as tough as they come.She is an inconsistent player and a sore loser so watch out when you're playing her. This sometimes causes problems with her other team members.

Runo also has a crush on Dan, although she would be the last person on earth to admit it and is jealous of Julie and Dan's friendship. Runo's favorite Bagukan are Luminous from the planet Haos. Her guardian is Haos Tigrerra who has a gigantic blade inside her body that is capable of cutting through any substance in the world!

Tigrerra is very human in nature and trusts Runo explicitly and is prepared to protect her at any cost. Like Preyas she is also capable of evolving.

bakugan, bakugan characters, bakugan cards


Shun is the strong silent type, quite and thoughtful. A boy of few words he remains faithful to his friends and willing to jump in and help them in times of need without hesitation.

Shun, along with Dan created the rules and regulations of Bakugan and is a master of the game. Like a ninja warrior Shun approaches the game with skill and cunning and generally uses the Ventus Bakugan with the wind attribute.

Ventus Skyress is his guardian, a bird like beast life from the "Skyress Species". living With a gigantic wing span Skyress has numerous long tails each with sharp feathers at their tip.

Skyress is also clairvoyant and can see through objects but her ultimate ability is the ability to resurrect other Bakugan and to evolve.

bakugan, bakugan characters, bakugan cards


Julie is a bit of a scatter brain but remains capable of battling against the best. A bubbly extrovert who adores Dan she is often described as a little princess, a typical Essex girl. Living in the isolated Bakugan Valley she is a master of direct attacks and uses Earth attributes in battle.

Julies' guardian is Subterra Gorem who's whole body is composed of exceptionally hard cell bodies, making him a very tough and strong. Despite this he is truly a gentle and obedient Bakugan but when he is angry no one but Julie can calm him down. Like Drago, Subterra Gorem can also evolve.

bakugan, bakugan characters, bakugan cards


A mysterious character with only one aim, to send all Bakugan to the Doom dimension, Masquerade is both feared and hated by Dan and his friends. A great player and master of the game he is Dan's main rival but he wears a mask and no-one knows his true identity.

Masquerade carries the doom card in battle allowing him to send the losing Bakugan to the Doom Dimension. Teaming up with Hal-G and together they plan to ensure the dark side wins by drawing in all the negative energy making Naga the supreme ruler in both Vestroia and Earth!

It comes as no surprise then that Darkus Hydranoid is Masquerade's Bakugan. Hydranoid's entire body is composed of a highly intelligent, independent cell structure which, although he is slow in battle , makes him mercilessly cruel and unforgiving.

bakugan, bakugan characters, bakugan cards


Michael was once an elderly researcher in his fifties but on discovering the portal between Vestroia and our world he was quickly sucked up by the evil force of the Silent Core and transformed into a megalomaniac scientist.

On returning to earth as HAL-G, he immediately recruited Masquerade in an attempt to help him destroy all the Bakugan standing in his way.

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