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Swap and Trade Your Bakugan Cards and Figures

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What Is The Bakugan Swap Shop?

The Bakugan Swap Shop is the ONLY place on the internet that offers this FREE service.

Quite simply The Bakugan Swap Shop is a place were you can come to swap or trade your Bakugan Cards, whatever their value, price or cost.

The "rules" are simple.

How Does It Work?

It's very simple. Here's how it works:

  • Send me 2 Bakugan or Bakugan cards for EACH one you require.
  • You must send like for like, i.e. 2 character cards for 1 character card or 2 blue bakugan for 1 blue bakugan, also you must send rare cards for rare cards.
  • Your Bakugan Cards or Bakugan must be in MINT or NEAR MINT condition.
  • All cards or Bakugan are send at your own risk, I CANNOT accept responsiblity for any lost, stolen or damaged in the post.
  • There is a nominal $1.00 per Bakugan/Card, i.e. if you send 20 cards for 10 swaps the charge will be $10 or less, processing fee for shpping and handling of your swaps (NO CHEQUES OR MONEY ORDERS ACCEPTED). On reciept of your order I will contact you via email or Paypal to confirm the shipping handling fee to return your swaps. There is NO CHARGE there will be NO CHARGE for the swaps.
  • If the Bakugan figure or card IS NOT in stock I will send it as soon as I get one in stock for you. I cannot gaurantee to have all cards and Bakugan in stock all the time.
  • I cannot garuntee the G-power of your Bakugan, this will be random depending on what I have in stock.

  • Please enclose your name, address, contact number, skype id , email address etc. REMEMBER I will need to contact you with reference to the payment for the return of your swaps.

  • DON'T forget to include the list of cards or figures you want!

And that's it...

Send me your cards or Bakugan then sit back, relax and wait for your swaps.

Please remember this service only works if you do not abuse it. The more swaps I'm sent the more swaps I can return. This is why I ask for 2-1 on trades, this way it keeps my stock levels high and ensures that I always have plenty in stock to trade or swap with others.

If you don't get your cards immeddiately please don't panic.

If it is not available I WILL always keep your list of wants on file until I do have them, I promise.

Why Am I Providing This Free Service?

I have several reasons for offering this service:

  • It's a great game!
  • The kids love them!
  • Sometimes you can buy pack after pack and still not get the ones you want.

  • Many of the higher level cards and Bakugan are expensive or difficult to buy.

  • It encourages kids to interact.

  • The game requires skill and thought.
  • It promotes family interaction.

Previous in the UK I was one of the Premier dealers of Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh cards and I ran the first Yu Gi Oh and Pokemon tournaments.

I therefore saw the enjoyment and fun that they got playing.

Also I believe game like this help to teach kids how to interact with each other., and with both of these games I ran weekly game clubs to encourage and teach the games.

  • I do not like to see kids being ripped off by unscroupolous dealers only in it to make a quick buck.
  • The Banned Listed:

    The following cards and Bagugan are no longer available through the Bakugan Swap service due to it's rarity, popularity or cost:

    Please send your swaps to:

    Colin Dorman

    420/154 Sinsuphakon Village

    Bangkok 10160


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