What Are the Differeent Bakugan Ability Cards

Ability Cards

bakugan ability cards, bakugan cards

The Bakugan Ability cards are very powerful cards that have no G-Power boost but can have a dramatically effect or change the outcome of the game, because of this you can only use one ability card can in a Battle.

Each of the Ability cards has instructions that each Battle Brawler must follow.

There are three types of Ability cards:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
When selecting your Bakugan ability cards it is important to carefully consider the Bakugan you will be using, their abilities and any Command cards you will be using.

  • Battle Ability card-Blue
  • The most basic of the Bakugan ability cards are the blue cards.

    These cards give your Bakugan G-Power bonuses depending on its attribute.

    There's no point using Blaze which only gives bonuses to Pyrus, Aquos, and Ventus Bakugan if all your Bakugan are Haos!

    The Amount of the bonus that these cards give is based on how flexible they are to use.

    There are usually set conditions for when these cards can be played, e.g. Blaze can be used in any battle whereas Summon Wave can only be used when fighting on an opponent's card.

    It is therefore you choose these cards carefully and ensure they compliment your Bakugan.

  • Hybrid Ability Card-Green
  • The Green cards are probable the most powerful of the Bakugan ability cards and are therefore generally the most expensive and the hardest to get.

    Each of the six Bakugan attributes has its own Green Ability card which is designed to give all Bakugan of that attrubute a boost.

    The Green Sub Terra Ability card for example makes it nigh on impossible for your opponent to win as they will have to beat your Sub Terra Bakugan by 100 or more points!

    There are also several unique Green cards that can have a dvastating effect on the game.

    One of these forces your opponent put an already won Gate card back into play.

    Then there is the Doom card.

    The Doom card gives Darkus Bakugan a small Gpower bonus, but the real power of the card is that when played it can take a Bakugan out of play for the entire game.

    Although it gives Darkus Bakugan a G-Power boost it can be used by any players.

  • Counter Ability card-Red
  • The red Bakugan ability cards are for use in specific situations and are played either directly before you roll or after.

    These cards are only activated when the specific conditions on the card are met.

    The abilities on these cards are very different from each other, ranging from cards that makes your opponent move his Bakugan around to one that lets you take back an Ability card you have already used.

    Most of these cards are likely prove useful at some point in a game, so it's hard to make a mistake when choosing them so just pick a few and give them a try!

    If you're an advanced players will want to look more closely at these cards, as they can make up part of some very powerful combos.

    They tend to have abilities that will cover a weakness or make a strength even stronger.

    For instance, let's say you have one Bakugan that has very high Gpower, but that Bakugan is in your Used pile.

    Your opponent might think that he has an easy win ahead of him, until you play Runo's Throw and all of the sudden you're rolling your super Gpower Bakugan from your Used pile!

    Dan's Throw in particular can be devastating as it allows you to take back a card that's particularly useful in your strategy you've already played when your opponent least expects it.

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