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Avatar - The Story Behind the Movie that Took the World by Storm

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Although Avatar has become synonymous with the blockbuster movie by James Cameron, its origins come from a story that was handed down through time.

Not just a movie created by Hollywood, but there is a hidden meaning behind the plot and hidden symbolism that stands for something more than just the action packed, high grossing film that was fashioned on movie screens everywhere.

avatar, avatar action figures, avatar figuresIn Hinduism, Avatar literally means "descent", which refers to the descent from heaven to earth. When translated into English it means "incarnation", "appearance" or "manifestation".

The story of avatar revolves around capitalism at its finest. The characters in Avatar literally inject themselves into another body in order to gain access to another world.

Cameron's movie is a microcosm of how we, as humans, manipulate those who have what we wish to have. The movie is a representation of how we, as humans when we want of something that often don't just take it but find a way to manipulate or exploit those who have it.

The story, although fictional in nature, is really a story about innocence lost. There are many themes contained within the plot about good versus evil and about human responsibility, not only to each other but also to nature and the earth.

According to the producers, James Cameron wanted to bring to the screen a movie that meant something more than just a fictional story, by using this story line, he is trying to represent what is going on within today's world and what has gone on before, in an effort to change the hearts and minds of those viewing it.

And of course it's a love story. Which concentrates one respect of love and that is that the female character has the huge job of making the main character have empathy, to care, to put aside his prejudices and points of view in order to see things in a different light. She wants him to put aside his own agenda and respect what she values and loves.

avatar, avatar action figures, avatar figuresCameron wrote the script for Avatar in 1994, and announced the movie in 1996 but there was a huge delay in production because Cameron wanted to be able to bring his vision to life in a more awe-shocking way than was available at the time. As time advanced, so did his ability to integrate better technology to his vision and allowed him to bring to the screen new technology and advances that have never used before.

Finally after 10 plus years the production began, the movie was finished and it was time for him to release the movie, then the rush was on for the best marketing campaign.

The hype of the movie in some ways appears to be bigger than the actual movie but the release of the movie broke cinema records around the globe and also won great awards.

The movie has kept audiences completely engaged with high its quality graphics and excellent computer animation that has brought the movie to life.

Being one of the most established producers in the world, James Cameron hasn't disappointed and has brought to the big screen a movie that has conquered records, captivated audiences and changed the face of epic films for all who have paid to see it.

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