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Alien: The Ultimate Hunter?

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The Alien movie franchise is one of the most wildly successful and popular sci-fi (alien category) movie series to have ever come out on the big screen.

But this is also one of those rare instances where the producers of the movie franchise didn’t or couldn’t come up with a definite name for the alien character and therefore named it in extension to the movie title instead. So looking at it in some way, there is a justifiable reason to it since the adversary has become the main character and plot for the movie series.

To start with, we introduce the alien creature also known as a “xenomorph” (alien form) with its character as the main opposition in the film series.

A twisted creation by Dan O’ Bannon and Ronald Shusett, the beast in the movie “Alien” made its debut in 1979 and from thereon it has become a rather successful sci-fi thriller film series.

A fictional extra-terrestrial parasitic and predatory creature whose only goal is to propagate (much like rats do) and to decimate other living beings or life forms that simply don’t smell like it.

alien, sideshow alien, action alien figure predator vs, alien, h.r. giger
alien, sideshow alien, action alien figure predator vs, alien, h.r. giger
alien, sideshow alien, action alien figure predator vs, alien, h.r. giger

This little critter also has the ability to inherit some of the characteristics of the host from which it was attached to, in essence making them hybrids and they then become fully mature in less than a day. Creepy!

Aliens actually don’t kill just to feed off their victims but instead to make them unwilling hosts for its offspring, which is a smart choice by the way and this is where the parasitic nature of the beast comes in.

Although the Aliens life cycle has been altered from one sequel to the next, its process has mainly stayed the same.

The Aliens species comes from a single queen (much like ants do) that lays eggs which look like a bulbous plant; the “facehugger” comes out from these eggs to implant an embryo inside a living host in a manner that its name suggests.

From there these embryos develop inside its oftentimes cocooned host, whatever that may be (though commonly humans), and then pop out from the host’s upper body in a bloody and violent fashion thus earning the nickname “chestbursters”- how unique!

What makes the Alien species so special anyway?

Well, aside from the fact that it is parasitic in nature and has earned quite a few unique monikers (pun intended); it also has an innate ability for self-preservation. The Alien has been for so long the prey of choice by another extra-terrestrial (Predator), not for food but for trophy purpose only.

Their species were in fact left on Earth by these Predators, a highly intelligent and advanced breed of alien beings, to proliferate and then come back to hunt them down. Hunting the Aliens is actually a rite of passage for the Predator warriors, thus their motive can also be described in another way as a training exercise for them.

So why do these Predator species hunt the Aliens species for trophies anyway?

The movie describes the Aliens as a formidable opponent for the Predator warriors especially for those itching to make it past the initiation stage. The Aliens feature an assortment of weapons and predatory skills that make them fearsome and impressive at the same time but without the intelligence factor to back up their wares, they become mere stupid targets.

They are mainly breeding and killing machines and nothing else which is why their kind is such an appropriate fit for the hunt. But they are no ordinary hunt by any means…

Aliens are one of those rare biomechanical killing machines- a combination of organic and mechanical weaponry unmatched by any other.

Their blood is pressurized and so toxic and corrosive that with just one squirt it can melt just about anything it comes in contact with, except for their own armor looking exoskeleton that is.

Their drool alone can take the scalp off your head! They slobber a lot like hungry bulldogs and can spit out acid saliva to blind their victims.

They also feature a stiff, long tongue with a set of snapping teeth at its tip which can be used to stretch out and strike and can effectively rip through the back of your skull.

Alien heads are elongated and cylindrical shaped, like it was designed using wind tunnel technology, and with no visible eyes it only makes them look more sinister.

These creatures also have the ability to adapt to dark surroundings thanks in large part to their muted shades of coloration in either black or blue.

Like ninjas in the night, they stealthily move about, even crawling on ceilings or walls. It can also match its body heat with the temperature of the environment where it is thus making infrared sensors useless against it.

Aliens are indeed master hunters and stalking prey is just like child’s play for these creatures.

But when all else fails, brute strength will always come in handy. With jaws powerful to bite through metal and the sheer strength to go through steel doors, there is no stopping this creature!

But the most fearsome weapon an Alien has is its scorpion-like tail. Closely resembling a ridge of spines with a sharp blade at the tip, the tail is strong enough to stab its victim clean through and then lift the body easily. Now if all of those predatory qualities still don’t instill fear on anybody, I don’t know what will.

Amid the tools and the skills to stalk its prey, the only thing lacking from the Alien specie is the intelligence to make them the ultimate predator. /,p> Yes, they are still considered stupid enough to get outlasted and outwitted by the Predator species which are equipped with advanced technology to hunt them down, as seen in the crossover movie Alien vs. Predator (AVP).

But take technology aside and we have a winner here people.

Since its first movie release, the Aliens has moved on to become a movie icon the world over and is now one of the most well known monsters of the movie industry.

It has even been featured in comic books and novels as well as in video games and toys which are sold everywhere.

The recent AVP crossover movie has also helped the Alien’s popularity soar to new heights. In more ways than one, this terrifying beast has finally charmed its way into people’s hearts.

Just make sure there’s nothing creeping inside your chest.

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