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How To Find Your Action Figure Value?

If you want to find your Action Figure value there are many different services you can use and the internet has made the task a lot simpler, but you need to remember that Action Figure Values can vary quite considerably depending on several factors so these values are to be used as a guide only!

So, what are the best ways to find your Action Figure value?

eBay is on of the largest websites on the internet and it is the biggest online market place where you can buy anything from a teaspoon to a WW II Warship!!

This makes it an excellent resource not only for buying hard to find and vintage figures but also for finding true and accurate values for your figures because you can check what they actually sold for!

How to Use eBay to find your Action Figure Value?

1. Go to eBay's homepage and select the Toys & Hobbies Category and then under this category you will see Action Figures listed.

2. Under this heading there are several sub-headings available under "Action Figures" but my advice stick with the main category as often figures are listed wrongly.

3. You will see at the top of the page two search boxes and on the far right a blue "SEARCH" button and next to this a link for "Advance" search. Go to the advanced search.

4. On the advance search page there are several options for you to make. The first is the box for your "Keywords". This is where you put the name of the figure you are looking for, but DON'T be too descriptive here.

5. Remember many of the eBay sellers only give very brief descriptions so be as accurate as you can with to much detail, e.g. Dr McCoy Playmates. This should result in a list. Also choose "All Words, Any order" for the broadest possible search.

6. The next option is the category section which should already have "Action Figures" selected.

7. Next under "Search including" select "Completed listings". This is the important part because by selecting "Completed Listings" you can see how much the figure has been sold for in the past.

8. Leave the price section empty because you want to see all now matter how much they sold for but under the "Buying Format" section select '"Auction" and "Buy It Now".

9. The rest of the options can be left on their default selections but if you go to' the very bottom of the page I would recommend you choose "Picture Gallery" under the "View Results" option and "200" in "Results per page" section.

10. Then all that's left is to click "Search" and wait for the results!

Dash- Collector Action Figures

This site is an excellent resource for the Action Figure collector. There is a small membership fee which is well worth paying for the services available.

The site offers:

A wiki-enabled "Catalog" - The Catalog is a well structured and comprehensive resource that consolidates the ambiguity of figure naming and identification, helping you learn, share and grow your interest in the hobby. It also provides a living foundation for making management, valuing and selling of your collection easier.

Simple collection management - DASH's collection management system is a simple process because it is based on their comprehensive, inbuilt catalog.

This means it is only a matter of finding your figures in the Catalog and clicking "I've Got It" or "I Want It". Also when you buy an item from their Marketplace, it is automatically added to your collection.

Structured and active Marketplace - With a common platform to identify all items for sale, sellers save time in researching their items for sale, and buyers appreciate the inherent specificity of the listings. Items are found not only through blind searches, but instead also through a familiar structure tailored for action figures. Wanted Items are flagged and provide alerts when new items are listed for sale or reduced in price.

Anytime, anywhere access - As a web-based solution, DASH is accessible from any browser. Additionally, DASH has action figure collecting applications for the iPhone and Android mobile platforms.

Community features - DASH strives to bring collectors together. Collecting is often a social activity, and DASH helps collectors share. Send a figure to someone. Post to your social network. Rate a figure. Learn about other great community web sites.

Price Guide- Dash also has a comprehensive online price guide for approx 40,000 Action Figures, making in one of the most comprehensive on the internet.

In their price guide Dash assumes a "pretty good" condition for both the packaged and loose figure valuations by looking at other public sources of sales information and sales in the DASH Marketplace.

They then estimate a representative range of values for the figures. This means that by having an online "price guide" across all brands tied to specifically-identified items, you can track your collection's value more accurately and timely. You can also see any market trends as they occur and whether your collection id appreciating or depreciating in value thus enabling you to take pro-active measures to protect your investment.

As a buyer or seller it also means that you have more information available to make a more informed decision on what to buy and sell, and as importantly when to buy and sell.


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