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Tips on Action Figure Collecting

Action Figure Collecting used to be considered only for Geeks and Nerds, but with the 50th Anniversary of the first ever Action Figure drawing near the hobby has entered the main stream of pop culture and has gained respectability.

We've already looked at the history of the Action Figure and how the hobby became so popular but there is a lot more to Action Figure Collecting than just nipping down the road to your local comic book shop.

In fact if you're not careful you'll end up wasting a lot of hard earned cash.

So, here we're going to take a look at the different steps that you should take when you decide to start collecting action figures.

Step 1: What Action Figures to Collect?

Now this may seem obvious to you, and I expect you already have a pretty good idea what you want to collect, but before you rush out and spend your, or your parent's, hard earned cash…


Sit down, relax and think about it for a minute…

Let's make sure you are making the right decision because it is important to decide exactly what you want to collect now, and to stick to it so that you don't waste time, money later on.

So in order to ensure that you are going to collect something that you will enjoy, and love collecting now and will continue to do so in another 10 years you will need to work through the following steps.

You'll also you'll find if you don't follow these steps and make some conscious decisions now you'll end up wasting time and money and a fragmented collection of nice looking figures, rather than a cohesive collection with a common theme that you will enjoy looking at and taking pride in.


Now, the first thing is to decide WHY you want to collect action figures?

Generally you will start Action Figure Collecting for one of two reasons:

1. For financial gain

2. For enjoyment

It is crucial for you to decide now which category you belong in as this will affect virtually every decision you make and what figures you buy, or don't buy from now.

This tutorial focuses on Action Figure Collecting for fun because collecting for profit, or as an investment, is a completely different ball game and there are a lot of different factors that need to be taken into consideration which will be dealt with in a separate tutorial.

OK, shall we begin?

Good, then grab yourselve a pen and some paper, a cup of tea (or something stronger, if you prefer!), sit down, clear your mind and relax.

Now, your first task is to think of and make a list of:

  • your favourite TV programs, Video Games and movies
  • your favourite movie stars
  • the types of movies you like, e.g. Horror, Action, Comedy etc.
  • your favourite anime or manga
  • your favourite sports
  • your favourite sports stars?
  • your favourite football, basketball, baseball or hockey teams?
  • TV shows or movies you liked when you were younger.
  • things did you really loved as a kid, but never had the money to get.

Remember, when making this list it's important to focus on things you really like, that you enjoy, that you are passionate and knowledgeable about.

This is important because I know some people who are Action Figure Collecting purely for monetary reasons and they have no real enthusiasm or passion for the figures they collect and so they get no pleasure from it.

They don't understand the passion and the joy of finding a particularly difficult to find figure, the rush and the excitement, the quickening of the heart as you pick it up, admire it and put it in your bag to take home and finally fill that empty space you have kept for so long in the hope of this day finally arriving, even if it is only worth three bucks!

OK, good. Now that you have a list of topics that you have a passion for, you enjoy and are knowledgeable about I want you to choose 3 of these.



If one of your choices turns out to be too narrow, or too broad, you will have another choice to fall back on. In fact, it would be a good idea to follow all of the following steps for each of your three choices before making a final decision.

OK..lets take a look at the next step in Action Figure Collecting:

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