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Are You Sitting On An Action Figure Goldmine?

A few years ago, while I was busy unpacking and displaying some new action figures,  a friend came in looking for some help.

What was his problem?

Well, he had been promoted at work and had to move to a new town, now, although that was an inconvenience, it wasn't really a problem.

But he was a big fan of collecting Action Figures, in fact he was a HUGE fan of collecting Action Figures. They were everywhere!

and while he was packing for the big move he inevitably came to the stage when he had to sort out his rather large collection and it was then that his problems began.

You see Jack, like most collectors, had never really considered what they were worth but now he was faced with having to decide which he should keep and which he should get rid of.

But he also needed to decide HOW he was going to pack them!

And what if some of them were rare or even ultra rare and were worth 100's, or even 1000's of dollars?

Did they need to be insured? Could he even find anywhere TO insure them?

And then's when he turned to me for help. It was also then that I realized how little information there really was out there for the collector.

And that's when I decided to create thi site for the Action Figure enthusiasts.

Since 2010 I have been researching and building a huge database of more than 10,000 action figures.

As a result you will find price guides, checklists, pictorials and information on virtually every action figure made between 1964-2008!

Who was Johnny Hero?

Before McFarlane's, before Kenner's Starting Line-up figures, there was Johnny Hero.

Produced by Rosko Industries of New York in 1965, only a year after Hasbro's G.I. Joe was released.

Johnny's place in the history books has been overlooked for far to long and it was time he gained the recognition he deserves as the granddaddy of all sports figures. Many believe that he was ahead of his time and...<learn more>

Have you seen a Topps Action Flat?

Find out what are the rarest and most valuable baseball figures ever made, when they were made and who made them...<find out more>

What Basketball figures do you need?

In the mid 1980's Kenner released the first official NBA basketball action figures with their Starting Line-ups brand.

Kenner was the first to...<read more>

Where can you buy
NHL Hockey Figures?

Despite the sports popularity and its loyal fanbase, as a sport Ice Hockey has been fairly neglected by action figure manufacturers, with the exceptions of Kenner and...<learn more>

Do you collect wrestling figures?

The best wrestling action figures ever produced, in my opinion, were the Jakks Pacific WWF figures.

But then that's probably because when I opened my first store they were hugely popular and...<read more>

Will the UFC Knockout the WWE?

Round 5 were the first action figure manufacturers to realize how popular the UFC was going to become, rivalling even the WWE!

As a result they were the first to release action figures based on some of the sports Superstars, they also ...<read more>


In the near future I will be introducing a members only section featuring exclusive and FREE downloadable checklists, price-guides and tutorials

If you are interested please complete the form opposite.

Many thanks

Colin Dorman ;)

Where did the Transformers come from?

The Transforms were a break from the traditional action figure being made in the early 1980's but quickly became a huge success for Hasbro, spawning many copycat lines, and remain popular to this day.

However, the Transformer line of toys was actually based on two lines of Japanese toys called "Microman" and "Diaclone".

Hasbro bought the rights to these toy lines and...<read more>


Who invented the Action Figure?

Did you know that the GI Joe was the very fist "action figure"?

And did you know that the GI Joe was based on Barbie?

The very first GI Joe figure was released in 1963 and as based on the hit TV series "The Lieutenant".

Probably their biggest problem was, how were they going to market what was basically a doll to boys?...<learn more>

What was the first movie based action figure?

Movie action figures are a fairly new phenomena as most action figures were traditional based on completely fictional and original ideas rather than popular brands, TV shows or movies.

Mego were probably the first to release figures based on...<find out more>

What TV shows were action figures made for?

Mego became the most popular and one of the biggest toy producing in the country during the 70's and 80's due to its innovative approach.

Mego's CEO saw the potential in creating figures based on popular TV shows and...<read more>

Does your favorite band have an action figure?

While researching different figures and sets I was surprised at the number of vintage action figures there are based on pop singers or rock bands, such as this Cher figure dating back to 1976!

Of course many modern rock stars have been immortalized as an action figure also, such as...<read more>

Comic book Action Figures:

Comic books and action figures are a perfect fit as each is only bound by the limits of your imagination. As with many innovative figures Mego were one of the first to release a host of comic book action figures with their "Worlds's Greatest Super Heroes" line which included characters from both DC and Marvel comics.

Since then literally thousands of our favorite Super Heroes, and their protagonists, have been made as action figures. Some of the most popular are the likes of Batman, Superman, Thor, The Hulk and the X-Men to name a few.

But the figures aren't just limited to Marvel and DC but also many Dark Horse, Top Cow, Comic Ink and other publishers have had their characters turned into action figures.

One of the most popular of these is probably the Spawn character, created and produced by Todd Mc Farlane of McFarlane Toy's, which he set up just for this.

For more information just click on one of the images below...

Misc Comic Figures

DC Comic Figures

Marvel Comic Figures

Spawn Figures

What's are the rarest game figures?

Probably the fastest growing and one of the most popular sections of the action figure market current are thos based on video games.

Two of the most popular are Halo and...<find out more>

Why are Anime & Manga figures difficult to buy?

Japanese Anime (cartoons) and Manga (comic) based figures are extremely popular yet remain difficult to buy.

This is mainly because of Japanese culture and like many Japanese related products (except their cars!!) they don't like to see them exported! 

As a result...<continue>

Who is your favorite Disney character?

Disney is probably one of the oldest, biggest and most well known brands in the world.

Everyone has their favorite character to collect, mine happens to be Tiger, from Winnie the Pooh. Who's yours?...<read more>

Misc Action Figures

While researching and digging through stacks of magazines, comics and price guides I discovered thousand of figures from the weird to wonderful, ugly to beautiful, unusual to useless that often defied any logic or substance.

I have this vision of a workshop buried deep beneath the Earth's surface where three bespectacled men sit scratching their heads everyday for eternity thinking up new ideas for action figures, for believe me some of the things you can find out there are...

Well take a look for yourself and decide...<read more>

What is an Urban Vinyl figure?

If you're a bit more artsy than the average collector, then these will probably be right up your street.

The Urban Vinyl movement has been around for sometime but until recently has been pretty much an "underground" movement that hasn't been taken seriously by either the art collectors or action figure collectors.

But recently people have been sitting up and paying attention. Why?

Because most of these figures are VERY LIMITED hand hand and individually painted, often by famous artists or designers and sell for insane money on auction sites like eBay. But where can you get them? 

One of the best is...<find out more>

Do you know who was the mother of ALL action figures?

OK....lastly we have THE ORIGINAL, MOTHER OF ALL action figures.

A tall sexy blonde who actually started of life as a German prostitute, strutting the streets of Hamburg supplying adult entertainment, until...

She was found, rescued and taken back home to America by the father of a seven year old girl who was looking for a play companion.

Now, you may think that an ex-prostitute wouldn't be the ideal playmate for a seven year old girl.

But much to everyone's surprise Barbie became and remains world famous to this day...<read more>

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