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aaa, aaa wrestling,Consejo Mundial of Luncha Libre

What is AAA Wrestling?

AAA Wrestling is the Spanish term for the Assistance Consulting and Administration, which is a promotion for professionals in wrestling, based in Mexico City.

The AAA was founded on May 15 1992 after Antonio Pena broke away from his former company known as CMLL (Consejo Mundial of Luncha Libre), taking with him Konnan, who was one of the young talents in CMLL.

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aaa, aaa wrestling,Consejo Mundial of Luncha Libre

They also searched for more talent in other markets and in the process they signed up Tijuana natives Psicosis and Rey Mysterio.

The organization continued to grow with many talented wrestlers like the Blue panther, El Hijo Santo among others joining them.

The AAA continued to be popular and emerged as one of the best groups around. Soon it overcame its rivals the Universal Wrestling Association, which led to their downfall which gave Pena the opportunity to sign up top wrestlers who lost their contracts with the UWA's downfall. This included wrestlers like Los Villanos, Dos Caras and El Canek.

The AAA Wrestling golden years, from 1993 to 1995, were when it was the talk of every wrestling fan and its shows were broadcasted live in the USA.

Later in 2006 October, the founder of AAA, Antonio Pena passed away due to a heart failure. His sister took over from him and is the financial manager of the group, and his brother in law, Dorian Roldan, and his son serve as operational managers.

The Luncha Libre in the USA presented the legendary battles of triple mania of AAA's 2nd U.S pay per view. AAA then made an announcement on the grand making of its video game titled AAA El video Juego.

At one time the AAA Wrestling promoted some titles but does not recognize them any more. None of the winners have been stripped officially but they are no longer needed at any shows, which are broadcasted on the television.

The AAA is said to have abandoned these titles at the end of 2008 to put its focus on its own championships and titles. Among the titles, which the AAA used to promote, are the Mexican National Championship for heavy weights, National Mexican Championship for Atomicos and the National Mexican middleweight.

aaa, aaa wrestling,Consejo Mundial of Luncha Libre

From the time AAA was born or founded, it did not have many restrictions on how many titles/championships it could promote and allowed wrestlers to fight for those titles from other leagues, such as those of the former UWA, but later, in 2008, it announced that it would not continue promoting titles from other groups.

The AAA Wrestling active championships are the AAA world championship for heavyweights, the AAA world championship for tag team, the AAA championship for cruiserweight, and AAA championship for world mixed Tag team, AAA championship for mini- estrellas, the AAA championship for tag team and finally the Reina of Reinas championship. AAA accomplishments were those from Alas of Oro in 2008August 8th and the Rey of Reyes in 2010 march12th.

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