A Nightmare on Elm Street You'll Never Sleep Again!

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One, two Freddy's coming for you,
Three, four better lock your door,
Five, six grab your crucifix,
Seven, eight gonna stay up late,
Nine, ten never sleep again.

For anyone who has seen the cult hit horror movie series 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' and lived to tell the tale of their horrific experience, this particular rhyme still sends shivers down the spine!

The film, created by horror guru Wes Craven, features the fictional character of Freddy Krueger as the immortal evil maniac who came back from hell to wreak havoc and terror into the dreams of the living.

Fictional or not, he still scares the shit out of me! And it has been quite some time now since Freddy has sown fear into the very soul of the people of Elm Street in Springwood and moviegoers alike.

But who is Freddy Krueger?

Is he really just a product of Craven's twisted imagination or is he the typical unwanted child turned monster out of torture and neglect?

The film series actually describes Freddy as both and much more.

The offspring of a nun that was raped and tortured by a hundred insane maniacs (is it really possible to have a hundred men fathering a single child?); he was then given up for adoption right after being born- thus the unwanted child status.

Fast forward to adulthood, well' just right after slicing up his alcoholic and abusive adoptive father with a razor that is (ouch!); Freddy is now the full-blown sociopath that he is- a highly antisocial and aggressive being lacking in empathy.

From sociopath to serial killer to the boogeyman.

The film series goes on to describe Freddy Krueger's character as a child killer, a.k.a. The Springwood Slasher, but as to why he came to tripping on torturing and killing children, was vaguely explained.

But this bloody sociopath stage was actually just the prelude to his 'career' as an evil minion from hell.

For after getting caught by the authorities for the string of murders in Springwood, Freddy is released on a technicality.

This turn of events leads to the vengeful wrath of the victims' families who then take the liberty of lighting up the Krueger's household with molotov cocktails and eventually burning it to the ground along with our super-villain.

Little did they know that something happened on Freddy's trip down south, and they had unwittingly unleashed their worst nightmare'

Having a soul so corrupt and devoid of any compassion and remorse should easily earn you a ticket to Hell but in Freddy's case he was to bad even for Hell and was subtly rejected by the devil himself.

Instead of getting accepted into the 'Red Room Club', a deal was struck that Freddy would be given the power to turn dreams into reality, sort of, and in exchange his soul should stay in the natural world (could it be that they were just afraid of him taking the throne?).

Seems like both parties got what they wanted from that deal as they went on to continue their evil ways but this time for Freddy, it would be in the form of an immortal demonic existence in the subliminal state of mind called dreams.

Now, for his movie character, Freddy the 'immortal dream weaver' was given the trademark striped sweater, fedora hat and leather gloves with metal claws (no Wolverine copycats here folks!) complete with a burnt and disfigured face.

The face alone makes me NOT want to even close my eyes! Having the ability to twist normal dreams and turning them into nightmares so real that it can kill, Freddy Krueger has taken control over the subconscious state of those who still fear and remember him.

Sleep well, sweet dreams.

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