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new genesis evangelion, evangelion neon, the evangelion

New Genesis Evangelion, The Manga, Anime and The Figures

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The New Genesis Evangelion franchise is owned by the anime studio Gainax and is commonly referred to as Evangelion.

This highly successful Japanese anime began in October 1995.

All three words of the English title Neon Genesis Evangelion are from the Greek language, the simplest English interpretation is "New Beginning Gospel."

new genesis evangelion, evangelion neon, the evangelion

NERV's main weapon against their protagonists are the huge Evangelions (Evas) piloted by select teenagers, Unit 00-Rei, Unit 01-Shinji, Unit 02-Asuka, and subsequently Unit 03-Toji Suzuhara.

The Evas operate by synchronizing the pilot's soul and the human soul inside the Eva by an enigmatic liquid substance known as LCL.

Surrounded by this liquid the pilots nervous system becomes one with the Evas controls.

new genesis evangelion, evangelion neon, the evangelion

This "biological" connection between the Evas and their pilots isn't fully revealed until later in the series when towards the end it is finally revealed that these Evas are in fact not really "robots" but cloned Angels (Units 00, 02, 03, and 04 are made from Adam, and 01 is made from Lilith).

The mechanical parts of the Evas aren't so much for armour to protect them but to restraint and control their origins, but this control is fragile and often in the series the Evas are seen in "berserker" mode acting on their own will, without any artificial power input.

The New Genesis Evangelion or Neon Genesis Evangelion manga series began its run in the February issue of Sh'nen Ace in December 1994.

The Japanese printing of the manga uses the anime's logo imagery for its title, while the American printing simply uses the English title.[4]

new genesis evangelion, evangelion neon, the evangelionThe series consists of 12 volumes, with several "stages" or chapters in each volume.

The manga series was released before the anime in order to try and spike public interest in the anime.

In 2008 it was announced that the New genesis Evangelion manga was nearing its conclusion, then in July 2009 it was moved to a new Shoten seinen magazine, before until Sadamoto stopped writing the manga after January's issue.

A series of four animation movies called Rebuild of Evangelion was announced by Gainax on September 9, 2006. However, only the first two film have been released to date, the first was released in Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone) 2007, and the second, Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance , in 2009.

new genesis evangelion, evangelion neon, the evangelion

The first three movies in the series were to be a retelling of the TV series with the fourth movie being a completely new conclusion to the story.

A live-action movie version of Neon Genesis Evangelion was announced way back in May 2003 by the Houston-based anime distributor ADV Films, who holds worldwide rights to the series outside of Asia and Australia, and Universal Studios would be the American distributor.

The film will be made by ADV, Gainax, and Weta Workshop Ltd.

Since the sudden collapse and sale of A.D. Vision in 2009 the current status of the film has been unconfirmed.

new genesis evangelion, evangelion neon, the evangelion

In February 2010 it was stated that the project was still active, and delays owed more to the general deterioration of the US anime market than to ADV's internal issues.

Only time will tell if New genesis Evangelion will ever get to see it.

new genesis evangelion, evangelion neon, the evangelionSince its release back in 1995 Neon Genesis Evangelion has won several major animation awards.and has grossed over 150 billion yen.

But despite the vast fortunes the franchise made, Gainax found itself in a lot of trouble in May 1998, and nearly lost everything, when the companys' accounts were audited by the National Tax Agency at the urging of the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau.

On 13 July 1999 Takeshi Sawamura and tax accountant Yoshikatsu Iwasaki were arrested for concealing an income and failing to pay corporate taxes.

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