FireSpecter 12-inch Figure

FireSpecter 12-inch Figure, , Miscellaneous Collectibles, Hot Toys

This is a FireSpecter 12-inch Figure, and is the latest addition to Sideshow Collectibles catalog.

Manufactured and produced by Hot Toys and with it's excellent sculpting, realistic paintwork and fine detail this is sure to prove popular among fans and collectors alike.

The FireSpecter 12-inch Figure will make an ideal gift for friends, family and lovers...

or why not splash out and spoil yourself?

The Firespecter Story is all about a boy who has the ability to communicate with the fire sprites.

At X'mas 1980, the Saint church has a serious fire accident. The firemen tried their best to put out the fire and found a scorched female corpse right under the statue of Hail Mary. There was a baby boy who was tightly hugged in the arms of the corpse. It was not burnt at all but glittered dazzlingly.

Years passed but Uncle Li Nick, the priest and the inventor still remembered the fire incident in the church. The baby has grown up and was named Tough. He is special and talented. He joined the Fire Brigade and saved a lot of people and fire sprites.

It is time for Uncle Li Nick to tell Tough about the saga on his birth. Tough was so shocked that his father, J. Motor, had done a lot of evil things. J. Motor even killed Tough's mother, Jane. What can Tough do to stop his father from the evildoing?

Will he be killed in the fights with his father and the Phantom of the Fire?

Story by Winson Ma

Sideshow and Hot Toys are proud to bring you a very unique figure, created by the talented artists at Winson Classic Creation. The figure features a wealth of accessories, incredible detail, and some of the best quality seen in the 12-inch scale. Firespecter is packaged in a beautiful full-color box, featuring artwork related to the story of the character.

Limited Edition:n



Remaining Stock:

SRP: $199.99,


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